Parent-Friendly Culture brings together a group of people (parents and non-parents) who desire a more active cultural and social life.

We have noticed many barriers in our society and culture that separate parents from non-parents, as if their paths should never cross. And cultural institutions’ programming often contributes to the separation. The Parent-Friendly approach offers a change: by connecting a group of people organised through a WhatsApp group, and offering a regular programme for adults that starts earlier and is accompanied by free babysitting.

The impulse comes from an artist and mother, Marika Smreková, and Studio ALTA.

“Before I became a mother, I had a rich cultural and social life. This changed significantly when my daughter Emilka was born. I realised that a big part of cultural programme is suddenly unavailable to me. I knew that motherhood would change my life, but I keep asking the question: What if our society and cultural institutions function in a way that does not single out parents of young children? What could we do together to achieve a change? What if cultural programming does not reduce parents’ interests to children’s performances?” Marika Smreková, artist

“We want to be a cultural centre that does not divide but unites. Our goal is for our programme to be open and understandable, and for people in different life situations to meet in our auditoriums. In other words, parents of young children with non-parents and, at the end, with children as well. People have their routines and habits, they don’t even think they could do things differently. We want to listen to the parents to understand their needs and learn about their wishes, and share time with them at Studio ALTA.” Petr Dlouhý, curator, Studio ALTA


The Parent-Friendly Culture is based on three principles:

1) It connects a group of people – artists, parents (mothers and fathers) and non-parents, united by their wish to participate in a more inclusive cultural offering. They are organised through a WhatsApp group. The purpose of the group is to share information and make new friends.

2) It makes performances inclusive, to all adult audiences by setting earlier show time and offering free babysitting by experienced kindergarten guides and lecturers who have been working with children for a long time.

3) It continues to draw attention to the invisible and underappreciated work of parents of young children and their exclusion from social life, to the barriers parents have to face. Our goal is to organise discussions and to appeal to other cultural institutions to make their programming accessible to parents as well.



Either click on the link below or scan the QR code. You will be directed to a “WhatsApp Community Channel.” Here, we will share news on regular basis, inform about performances and opportunities to get actively involved. If you wish to get to know others, in “Community Channel” you can find a link to the group chat of Parent-Friendly Culture / Studio ALTA. Join us there and get to know other members through the chat. You can ask questions about what interests you as well as seek support.

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Parent-Friendly approach is created under the broader umbrella of a European project ON MOBILISATION. It searches for ways in which artistic processes can bring together different groups of people and advocate for active change in society. It is based on people’s desire and need to respond to ongoing changes and a deepening isolation between diverse groups of people.
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