Imagine a building in Libeň, from which emanates culture, arts and the desire to share together experiences, ideas, and the world. Behind its doors people dance and experiment, music is on and lights shine. It is a place for creativity, discussions, relaxation, and education. The pulsating heart of the once-abandoned Libeň Brewery is back, pumping with energy. It is a house full of personalities, artists, and those who live in Libeň.

Help us make the dream a reality. In order to transform the former Brewery into a centre of live culture, see the neighbourhood of Libeň castle flourish again, and help Studio ALTA make it a new home.


Thanks to your generosity, we have already raised an amazing amount of 506,410 CZK in our Donio campaign. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! ❤️
We will use the money to renovate the heating and toilets in the new headquarters of Studio ALTA, at the former Brewery in Libeň castle area. Exactly as we planned. Hurrah!



Nevertheless, a big chunk of the journey lies ahead of us. Further significant investments in reconstruction are anticipated until 2025. We’re not worried. However, we can’t do it without your help.


Did you miss our first campaign? Or would you like to help us again?

That’s wonderful and we will never forget it. You can support our Libeň dream by contributing to our account:

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What else will we use the money we raise for? It doesn’t stop with just heating and toilets. The following challenges await us:

  • project documentation – for all connections and building infrastructure, construction work,  including a set of documents for a building permit + work of a structural engineer – 700,000 CZK
  • installation of a new electrical panel for all buildings and increase in capacity + internal electrical distribution in the upper building – 500,000 CZK
  • installation of new water and sewage connections + internal distribution systems – 400,000 CZK
  • finding a solution for rainwater harvesting and circulation – retention tanks built underground in the courtyard; including installation of a system for circulation of rainwater for the buildings’ operation – 200,000 CZK
  • repair of the gas connection, including internal distribution systems for the 1st building inspection – 1,650,000 CZK
  • roof insulation (upper building) – 300,000 CZK
  • construction work according to architect’s plans – demolition, wall construction, repair of ceilings and floors, connecting roofs – 1,500,000 CZK
  • landscaping (including the work of a landscape architect) + ground work and community garden beds – 650,000 CZK
  • replacement and maintenance of windows and doors according to architect’s plans – upper building – 1,270,000 CZK
  • construction of the toilets and bathrooms – 600,000 CZK
  • repair of the existing chimney and installation of fireplace stoves – 180,000 CZK
  • repair of the roofs, application of sealant – 320,000 CZK
  • HVAC – the large hall – 400,000 CZK

photo Darja Lukjanenko and Matouš Ondra

ALT@RT z.ú. realizes this project no. 0380000263 – Architectural study – Studio ALTA focused on
the creation of an architectural study and a 3D building model, with which Studio ALTA will be able to work further in its reconstruction, as well as visions and direction to be a fully functional cultural center in the heart of Libeň with the financial support of the European Union – the Next Generation EU program, the National Renewal Plan and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.