Imagine a building in Libeň, from which emanates culture, arts and the desire to share together experiences, ideas, and the world. Behind its doors people dance and experiment, music is on and lights shine. It is a place for creativity, discussions, relaxation, and education. The pulsating heart of the once-abandoned Libeň Brewery is back, pumping with energy. It is a house full of personalities, artists, and those who live in Libeň.

Help us make the dream a reality. In order to transform the dilapidated Brewery into a centre of live culture, see the neighbourhood of Libeň castle flourish again, and help Studio ALTA make it a new home. Support the reconstruction of an exceptional building and new facilities for live arts in Libeň. We can’t do it without you.



We are Studio ALTA. A cultural centre, a collective, and a production unit. We let interesting ideas germinate, give space to societal needs, and offer a safe place for aspirations and realisations.

We offer facilities to a number of artistic groups, artists of the contemporary alternative and dance scene.

We’ve been here since 2007. During that time, we’ve gained a wide range of experiences, and we know how to keep our heads in the clouds and our feet on the ground at the same time. 

We are open-minded. We create our own artistic programme, but we also draw inspiration from our surroundings and the challenges facing our neighbourhood. It matters to us that Libeň feels good with Studio ALTA Studio and vice versa!

We are experienced. After almost ten years of inhabiting industrial premises in Holešovice, we spent two years at Prague’s Invalidovna, bringing it back to life. It became a centre for artistic processes, and also for encounters and moments of repose in the middle of Karlín. We know how to deal with specific spaces.





What will we use the raised funds for?

We will divide the raised funds into two projects essential for the reconstruction: 

Heating – this is a challenge! We want our space to feel nice and warm not only in summer,  being able to maintain the warmth of Studio ALTA all year round. It will cost us between 2 to 6 mil CZK.

Toilets and other facilities – we’re done with our temporary toilet and shower trailers. We long for beautiful facilities for us and our audiences, which we could leave without the fear of freezing to the bone, but feeling clean and satisfied. It will cost us approximately 400,000 CZK.

We plan to settled down in the Brewery for many years to come, no more moving in the near future. To begin the work, we need to raise at least 1 mil CZK.


Reconstruction of the Brewery is a new and completely exceptional challenge for us – in terms of the financials, the project’s time frame and human resources. 

We are ready to focus all our efforts on bringing it back to life as soon as possible.

We want everyone to know about your passion for our cause!

We greatly appreciate your contribution – the reward for each donor is a symbolic thank you directly in the new premises.

photo Darja Lukjanenko and Matouš Ondra