STUDIO ALTA – Ceaselessly in Motion

A cultural centre, a collective, and a production unit. We let interesting ideas germinate and give space to societal needs. We are a safe place to dream in and create.

We have been active in culture since 2008. We started in Prague district of Holešovice as a space primarily for production and presentation of dance art and physical theatre. Over time, our mission has transformed and we have evolved into a multicultural centre and creative hub connecting artists, the public, and diverse communities. In 2020, we moved from an industrial hall in Holešovice to Invalidovna in Karlín where we stayed for three years.

In 2023, we opened new Studio ALTA facilities in Libeň. An exceptional building of the former Libeň Brewery has become a new home for us, artists, visitors, and residents of Libeň.
What stands out in our programme are bold, innovative works that aim to inspire engagement, creativity, sharing, and constructive dialogue with otherness – the foundation of an open and healthy society.