Upcoming events

23.11.2019 / 20:00

Markéta Stránská, Jean Gaudin: …Or to Be | Work in Progress

Two people trapped in a triangle of emptiness, fear and abandonment. Two characters driven by their obsessiveness in this space that bears witness to their wasted efforts. Free entry.

24.11.2019 / 9:30

Open Breakfast + Poetry Day Festival

Let´s get to know each other, meet old friends and start the day with a nice get-together with people of different origins and religions. Prepare your favourite meal and taste the others´ delicacies!

25.11.2019 / 19:00

Cinema in the Living Room: Over the Hills + guest: Martin Mareček

This documentary film speaks about a long trip of a father and a son to Russia. In Czech without subtitles.

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29.11.2019 / 19:30

Eva Klimáčková, Laurent Goldring (FR): Ouvrir Le Temps

This minimalist solo is a dialogue between dance, visual arts and poetry.

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01.12.2019 / 11:00 - 22:00

Advent with seniors and for seniors

The first Sunday of Advent, all generations will meet at ALTA. Not only seniors can look forward to workshops of knitting and creating Advent wreaths, discussion about ageing, physical workshop and dance performance.

01.12.2019 / 19:30

Cécile da Costa: Roselyne

Roselyne is a dance/theater solo with English spoken text about a woman searching for her place.

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02.12.2019 / 19:30

This all belongs to you vol. II | PREMIERE

Every performance is a process and a rediscovery of an elusive vision. This project was created in a mutual dialogue with mentally handicapped actors and actresses.

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11.12.2019 / 19:30

VerTeDance, Petra Tejnorová and coll.: Nothing Sad | LAST SHOW

A dance game loosely inspired by J. Kepler´s essay ‘On the Six-Cornered Snowflake – a Catchy Reading about Nothing’. And by playing with energy, physicality and organisation…

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14.12 - 15.12.2019 / 10:00 - 20:00


A meeting of publishers and readers with a rich accompanying programme.

16.12.2019 / 19:30

tYhle, Marie Gourdain: Medúza

Meduza is like a painting performed on stage, one that invites us to loosen our ties and question boundaries – between life and death, hope and despair, black and white. The boundaries on which we balance, expressions of those fragile moments that can turn our life upside-down.

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19.12.2019 / 19:30

Face To Face #10 + Christmas Party

CreWcollective and Studio ALTA present the tenth episode of improvisation series Face to Face. Free entry!



Results of the open call for student residencies

From applications for the residencies in 2019, these projects were selected: Eva Rezová and Lenka Vořechovská (Duncan Centre), Roman Poliak (VŠMU Bratislava), Svetlana Sprina (UmPrum) and Rotem Weissman (Maslool, Tel Aviv). Congratulations!

Summer student residencies 2019

After a year, Studio ALTA announces open call for students of theatre and dance academies. The deadline for applying for the summer student residencies is March 30, 2019. More information HERE.

Nominations for the Czech Dance Platform

Three performances produced by Studio ALTA were selected for the Czech Dance Platform and will compete for the most prestigious prizes in the Czech Republic! FLY / Assemblage / Medúza – fingers crossed!

Much More Than Christmas Party

The end of the year is coming up and our traditional Christmas party too – come on Dec 20th, there will be loads of arts and drinks. Looking forward to seeing you!

Your ALTA team

This year´s last premiere: Medúza by tYhle and Marie Gourdain

The visual and physical performance Medúza is inspired by the painting The Raft of the Medusa by Théodor Géricault. It speaks about our world, where the old order is no longer in force and a new one hasn´t emerged yet… The premiere is on Dec 12th and 13th.

CELEBRATION – a worldly party for a pampered society…

Andrea Miltnerová and Jan Komárek will present a premiere entitled Celebration on November 27th and 28th. This peculiar party for five dancers explores human characters in different social situations. Though what kind of a party it is, is not important…

November belongs to kids!

In November, kids can look forward to many great events – the PARTITURA festival will make you dance and play around from 6th – 11th. If you are too little for the big theatre, don’t worry! The first Czech theatre festival for babies KUK! (16th – 19th) will change ALTA into a giant maze and playroom full of theatre and music experiences.

Premiers in October

In October, ALTA will present two premiers – on Oct 8th, ASSEMBLAGE choreographed by the Best Dancer 2015 Prize winner Martina Hajdyla Lacová, and on Oct  18th a mystical journey into astronomical forces SATURNO, A FESTA! choreographed by Renan Martins.

Residencies 2019

Studio ALTA announces a call for applications for professional artists from the field of performing arts. Selected projects are granted an intense residency on Feb 11 – Feb 22, 2019. Deadline for application is Sept 28, 2018. More information HERE.

ALTA will celebrate its first round birthday in September!

The program of the celebration will be made by you and for you – because at ALTA, we love events that bring loads of questions at the beginning and infinity of experiences at the end. So, save the date: Sept 12th – 15th / Studio ALTA – 10 Years in Motion!  

Welcome Spring with Dance!

The International Dance Day will make you move – on April 29th, the Exhibition Grounds Holešovice will change into a dancefloor for all generations. You can look forward to dance performances, music and other program for children and adults.

ALTA in a Passage

On April 13th and 14th, a site-specific minifestival takes place in the unusual space of the passage at ALTA. The program includes Corridor Piece by Niels Weijer and Billy Mullaney, an immense music and dance fresco by Jean Gaudin Everything is Nice in Paradise and as a bonus, students from Brno will present their piece L´amour created by Marika Smreková and Jaro Viňarský.

Studio ALTA presents a new piece by choreographer Karel Vaněk

Czech-Slovak-German dance retro project about the “good old times” entitled Nostalgiáda will premiere on March 23rd and the only repeat performances in Prague are on March 24th and 25th. In the performance, dancers from the older generation look at the history through rose-colored glasses and search for things that they cannot find in the present day. You can book tickets HERE.

Open Call: Student Residencies at Studio ALTA

Selected projects will be granted an intense 2-week-long summer residency at Studio ALTA, couching and the possibility of public presentation. The deadline is on February 28th! For more info click HERE.

The Slovak independent theatre star Petra Fornayová will come back to ALTA!

In her project Subjective Future, she will present the genre of theatre mocumentary, in which four artists from different fields interpret the future. Come and think with them about possible futures – on January 18th!

Thank you!

We thank all visitors, friends and fans for this great year and we are looking forward to seeing you again on January 2nd, when the café will be re-open after the Christmas break. We wish you beautiful holidays!

The last chance to visit the Passage of a Flight exhibition is on December 17th!

The international project Living Realities finishes with the premier Brothers Lionheart by the Dance studio Light and it is also the last day of the photography exhibition showing the real stories of refugees. Don´t miss!

The program of workshops for January – June 2018 is announced

We will start the new year with Martin Kilvády and later, you can look forward to Elia López, Jean Gaudin or Hannes Langolf!

– All workshops HERE
– Morning trainings HERE

Project Living Realities starts on October 30th!

At the heart of the “Living Realities” project is the photography exhibition that aims to bring the stories of people searching for their new homes in Europe. Both the exhibition and the accompanying programmes present a different perspective on this important topic and on real lives without myths and emotions. The exhibition lasts until December 17th and is for free.

Guru of improvisation Julyen Hamilton at ALTA!

Come and gain energy and inspiration!
➡️ 13.10. / Face to Face #2
➡️ 14.10. / Julyen Hamilton: Interview
➡️Combined ticket to both performances only 200 czk (students, seniors, handicapped 130 czk)!
➡️ Tickets available at goout.cz

VerTeDance are Rehearsing a New Performance at ALTA

Dance company VerTeDance invited Petra Tejnorová again for cooperation and besides Tereza Ondrová, also Nathan Jardin and Matthew Rogers will present themselves in this dance game inspired by J. Kepler´s essay ‘On the Six-Cornered Snowflake’. The premiere of Nothing Sad is on October 11th and 12th!

HAPPY HOUR at ALTA´s Rehearsal Room

We announce hot news – rentals for young artists for 50 czk / hour. Choose your time ➡️ REHEARSAL ROOM

Open Call for Professional Artists

To all dancers – follow our new website RESIDENCIES, currently you can find there an open call for professional artists. The deadline for applications is on October 20th!

SuperNaturals + Imago – Last Chance!

Don´t miss the last shows of popular duets – in one evening on Sept 14th, both SuperNaturals by ME-SA ensemble and Imago by Lucia Kašiarová will make their farewells. More information HERE.

We are launching the new season!

We will open the Living Room on August 21st with an exhibition opening entitled KYSUCE!!! The theatre season will start on September 4th, traditionally with a cultural and community programme for all generations. From all the hot news this year, you can look forward to the morning trainings! For more info go HERE.

ALTA is on holidays!

We will open the Living Room on August 21st and the season will be open on September 4th. Thank you for the great season and we wish you beautiful summer!

We think through dance also during summer!

The season is about to end, but we will dance at ALTA even during holiday. Come and dance, stretch yourself, improvise, have fun, frolic and share the joy of motion – this year with tutors Cecile da Costa, Veronika Knytlová and Martina Hajdyla Lacová. For more information go to: https://www.altart.cz/workshops/?lang=en

June with David Zambrano!

Venezuelan dancer David Zambrano returns to Prague to lead a workshop and present 3 artistic projects. With VerTeDance and Zrní, he will present “Ceviche” – a very successful performance, on June 15th unusually performed at the Náměstí Václava Havla within the TANEC PRAHA festival. At Studio ALTA, you can see his duet “Porta Llave” together with Milan Herich´s solo on June 9th. Last but not least, Zambrano will become a part of the new impro series “Face to Face” on June 14th.

LEGOrytmus will premiere this Sunday at Výstaviště!

tYhle physical theatre and Studio ALTA present their new street performance that is inspired by sports, Spartakiad and Olympic games. The premiere takes place at 5PM within the family day of Prague 7 at the Výstaviště Holešovice exhibition grounds!

Call for applications for the workshop with Julyen Hamilton (Oct 9th – 13th 2017)

Studio ALTA in cooperation with Arts and Theatre Institute calls for applications for a week-long workshop with Julyen Hamilton that is designed for professional artists focused on improvisation. The deadline for applying is May 31st! For more information go to: http://www.altart.cz/workshops/?lang=en

RespondART weekend is coming up!

On May 12th – 14th, Czech and German artists will meet with their audiences at ALTA to search for possible development of physical theatre into other dimensions. This series of performances will be followed by unconventional discussions. Come and enjoy the performances, experience them and keep in mind how these pieces transmit ideas!

Put Výstaviště Holešovice in Motion!

On April 29th, the exhibition grounds in Holešovice will get lively thanks to the outdoor dance celebration that takes place within the International Dance Day. The event is organized by ALTA in cooperation with PONEC, Altík, Alfred ve dvoře theatre, Duncan Centre and ensembles Ufftenživot, tYhle, Prague Improvisation Orchestra, Bejvávalo and many more. Everybody gets a piece of the action!

The results of the summer student residencies audition have been announced

During the holidays, there will be three groups of young artists at ALTA, led by Monika Částková + Helena Štávová, Anna Banháková and Eva Urbanová. Congratulations and looking forward!

Handa Gote About Revenge

The new piece by Handa Gote Research & Development will be premiered at ALTA on March 30th and 31st and in April, there will be four more shows. The story of “Die Rache” derives from a revenge and it is described as a psychedelic Western from the Czech-German border region.

The Third Edition of the Bazaar Festival

On March 17th – 19th, ALTA will become one of the venues of the Bazaar Festival, which is produced by Motus / Alfred ve dvoře Theatre. You can look forward to performances and work-in-progress presentations mainly from central, eastern and southern Europe and on Saturday, also on discussions from the RespondART series.

ALTA barometer

Not sure, when is the right time to work, have fun or play with kids at ALTA? Check our recommendation at www.studioalta.cz/barometr! Every week, we prepare a schedule for you according to planned activities and events.

Become a resident at Studio ALTA!

Studio ALTA announces the fourth year of residencies for students of dance and theatre academies. The deadline for application is March 5th, 2017. For more information go to http://www.altart.cz/rehearsal-room/?lang=en.

Bring your children to theatre!

From January, children under 14 accompanied by adult have free entry to all evening performances at ALTA!

Living Room Art Space – the new exhibition program of Studio ALTA

Since February, the Living Room will become a space for multi-genre site specific installations. During the opening of Dan Vlček´s exhibition on Feb 7th, there will be also a virtual reality projection and a concert of ba:zel. Free entry!

After two years, Karel Vaněk will present his latest work at ALTA

The project Jáchymov offers a unique reflection of this contrasting city, which was shaped by both death and life. The only show in Prague will take place on Jan 30th within the RespondART project!

It was a beautiful year, thank you!

After a short Christmas break, we will open the Living Room for you on January 2nd. We wish you beautiful holidays! Lucia, Karolína, Klára, Lída, Jirka, Štěpán, Káča, Táňa & co.

Think Through Dance! continues

The intense workshops will be led by Jos Baker, Francesca Pedulla, Karine Ponties and David Zambrano and you can also look forward to rich accompanying programme. The presale is running, follow the updates at http://www.altart.cz/workshops/?lang=en.

Let´s experience the present moment!

The unique project Eau de Vie by performers Lucia Kašiarová and Peter Šavel, who will be accompanied by musician Tomáš Vtípil, will fill up ALTA with unexpected encounters and events on Dec 10th. This project vacillates between a performance and a ritual and it has a limited capacity – don´t forget to make a reservation!

SatSang – the project by dance groups ME-SA and Artyci

SatSang is an improvised performance created by experienced dancers and improvisors with a live music by Slovak musician Maok, led by Zuna Kozánková. Don´t miss the only Prague show at ALTA on Dec 1st!

Festival New Generation will present works of young choreographers

The 5th edition of the international festival for dance academies New Generation takes place at ALTA on Nov 24th – 26th. The festival connects contemporary dance and physical theatre and it is a platform for presentation and confrontation of students and young graduates.

The night of open theatres and unique experiences at ALTA!

This year, Studio ALTA will again join the European Theatre Night, which will take place on November 19th. You can look forward to rich program for both children and adults – besides theatre and dance, there will be also workshops, tour through ALTA´s premises and discussion. The program is free!

A renewed premier of Absent at ALTA

This dance performance about losses that can be advantageous will be presented at ALTA as a renewed premiere on October 31st and December 12th. Don´t miss this performance, that was created for the VerTeDance ensemble by Jaro Viňarský, who was awarded the American Bessie Award 2013!

Don´t Miss HYBAJ HO!

The best of contemporary Slovak dance after two years again in Prague! The 8th edition of festival for contemporary Slovak dance will take place on October 20th – 24th and it will offer both very well-known stars and young artists, as well as a rich accompanying programme. Follow our website and facebook for the updates!

The Climax of the Year-Long Project RespondART Will Take Place on Sept 24th – 26th!

Is dance or theatre capable of moving the world behind the walls of theatres? Should artists be engaged? These and other questions will be asked by Czech and German artists during the RespondART weekend. The performances are followed by discussions!

This season´s first premiere will be a counterpoint of two forces of nature

Counterpoint by Andrea Miltnerová, Rita Góbi and Jan Komárek is inspired by nature and the fascinating microscopic world of insects. The precisely executed choreography comprises instinctively generated movements in which the human and the animal constantly intertwine. Coproduced by theatre Alfred ve dvoře. Premiere on September 4th and 5th.

The next season of the Living Room will be opened with the Dance Movies Marathon!

After the summer reconstruction, we are opening the Living Room for you on August 22nd. Come and check out the new ALTA and enjoy the Dance movies Marathon!

Summer Trainings For All Dance Enthusiasts!

Come and dance, stretch yourself, improvise, have fun, frolic and share the joy of motion! This year´s summer trainings will be led by Michal Záhora (12. – 14.7.), Věrka Ondrašíková (19. – 21.7.) and Soňa Ferienčíková (16. – 18.8.). For more information go to http://www.altart.cz/workshops/?lang=en.

Milan Tomášik in PROGRESS

On May 25th, Slovak dancer and choreographer, member of the world-famous Les SlovaKs Dance Ensemble, Milan Tomášik will make a presentation within the ALTA in PROGRESS programme. Don´t miss the unique opportunity to see a work in progress of his upcoming Solo!

Celebrate the Mother´s day with Yellow Sisters and NANOHACH!

Moms, leave your kids with their dads and enjoy a weekend full of dance and music dedicated above all, to women. Besides the vocal and dance workshops, you can look forward to the performance Suna no onna by the NANOHACH ensemble and a short concert of Yellow Sisters at the Stromovka park.

Festival for Music Improvisation overlapping to other media coming soon!

This year, Studio ALTA will become the main venue for the festival Vs. Interpretation. You can look forward to stars of (not only) music improvisation from all around the world. We start on April 28th!

The Ufftenživot ensemble has a hard time. They suffer from loneliness.

In their latest project, the inseparable duo of young and self-ironical performers and dancers – Sára Arnstein and Jiří Šimek, will dig into loneliness with bitter humour. Premiere on 15th and 16th April!

The workshop Medicine In Dance led by Zuna Vesan Kozánková continues!

The first weekend in April will be dedicated to the second workshop from the series that connects contemporary dance, contact improvisation, and Chinese medicine principles together. Follow the news at the Workshops page!

The Festival of identity in art and motion BAZAAR coming soon!

This year, Studio ALTA will again host the international dance and performing arts festival featuring the visions of artists not only from the Czech Republic but from other countries in central and eastern Europe. All are dealing with questions of identity in art and motion. We start on March 19th!

Angelic closing night

Don´t miss the last performance of ANGEL-y, a popular clownish show by Lucia Kašiarová and Vanda Hybnerová. The last trip to the Heaven´s door will take place on March 11th!

Studio ALTA was awarded the Czech Theatre DNA prize for an exceptional action in the field of new theatre!

A few days before the first birthday of the new halls of Studio ALTA, the Czech cultural network Nová síť has decided to acknowledge their contribution by awarding us for the community activities and rehearsal room 23. Thank you and let´s celebrate together on Feb 27th!

Celebrate with us the first year in our expanded space!

In the last year, Studio ALTA has become one of the most important creative hubs in the Czech Republic! In the Living Room, almost a hundred interdisciplinary, cultural, educational and community activities took place. The team of the Malá inventura festival recognized the contribution of the new halls by nominating Studio ALTA for the Czech Theatre DNA Prize for an exceptional action in the field of new theatre. Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you!

RespondART – series of socially engaged performances

RespondART is a year-long project of Studio ALTA in cooperation with theatres Alfred ve dvoře (Prague), Tanzfaktur (Cologne, Germany) and Brottfabrik (Bonn, Germany). During the project, these four theatres will show several socially engaged performances followed by discussions led by Alice Koubová. The aim of the project is to initiate and reinforce active reception of performing arts, better understanding of today´s world and own critical thinking.

Prague premiere of Un by French set designer Marie Gourdain

A solo for one dancer, who reacts to the space and structures on the stage and lets them affect him. His motions and development process are created in space and become his function at the same time. The Prague premiere will take place on Feb 6th and 7th!

Series of workshops Think Through Dance continues!

The project Think Through Dance! will continue also in 2016. Czech dancers will have the opportunity to get to know the works of artists from around the world. This year´s workshops will be lead by Zuna Kozánková, Lali Ayguade Farro, Jos Baker, Michael Simon, Jaro Viňarský and Peter Šavel. Moreover, a symposium of all tutors will take place at ALTA at the end of the year. For more information, go to http://www.altart.cz/workshops/?lang=en.


ALTA IN PROGRESS is a new series of work in progress presentations of works from the fields of dance and nonverbal theatre. During the presentations, you can reveal the secrets of experimental artists, understand the process of creating a performance, and discuss with the artists. The entrance is always free! The first work in progress presentation entitled Partial Uncertainty by Jana Novorytová and Michaela Raisová will take place on January 14th.

Thank you for making ALTA homely with us!

Only thanks to you we have an outstanding year behind us, let´s jump together into the next one! After a short Christmas break, we will open the Living Room on January 4th. Marry Christmas to you and we are looking foreward to meeting you in the new year! Yours Lucia, Karolína, Lukáš, Andrea, Klára, Eliška, Štěpán and Táňa.

You will experience Much More Than Christmas at ALTA!

At ALTA, we will say goodbye to the past year with dance and Czechoslovak humor. Come and enjoy two days of workshops, performance Clear by the Slovak Debris Company and the last performance of our emblematic Much More Than Nothing with an unrestrained after party! Much More than Christmas – December 18th and 19. Looking forward to seeing you!

Cinema in the Living Room will welcome the director Veronika Lišková

The guest of the last screening in November will be the author of the documentary movie Daniel´s World. Come to discuss about the fates of the paedophiles and the director´s experiences from the movie shooting!

Karel Vaněk´s Hidden Tracks at Studio ALTA

Karel Vaněk returns to Studio ALTA to perform his latest music and dance production Hidden Tracks, in which he meets after 25 years the artists from the legendary performance Little Blue Nothing. The only performances in Prague will take place on November 8th and 9th!

Cinema in the Living Room

Since August 2015, we launch the cinema in the living room! Great films in the cozy ALTA café – we have sofas, comfort and drinks for you. Check our program and select a movie according to your taste – FREE ENTRY!

Summer at Studio ALTA

After the summer break, we are opening for you on August 17. If you miss dance, visit our summer courses: http://www.altart.cz/program/myslet-tancem-letni-treninky-ve-studiu-alta/
Thank you for the perfect season and we are looking foreward to meeting you after the holidays!

Studio ALTA became a member of the international network Trans Europe Halles

Studio ALTA is the first cultural institution in Prague that became a member of the network Trans Europe Halles (TEH). This organization brings together independent cultural centres usually built in abandoned industrial buildings and supports their international artistic cooperation across Europe.

Member of the world-famous ensemble Les SlovaKs is going to give a guest performance at Studio ALTA

Milan Tomášik and his international ensemble are going to present their latest project Hunting Season at Studio ALTA on May 18th. The performers studied body as the primal resource – fast, rapid and brave, but also accurate and cautious. The only show in Prague!


Martina Hajdyla Lacová has been awarded The Best Dancer of the Year Prize!

The supernatural heroin Martina was awarded at this year´s Czech Dance Platform The Best Dancer of the Year Prize, for her superhuman performance – congratulations!!!


The series of workshops THINK THROUGH DANCE! continues

In April, the Norwegian choreographer Karen Foss is going to lead a workshop at Studio ALTA, later in June Nicole Mossoux and Patrick Bonté. For more information see: http://www.altart.cz/workshops/?lang=en