Events and tickets

WE 04.10.2023 / 19:00

DOUBLE BILL SHOW / Collective Waves & Fertilizer: Under the Surface + Stéphanie NDuhirahe: Šrámy/ la débattue – premiere

One night, two powerful experiences. Within one ticket, you will be invited to the premiere of a site-specific research with elements of circus and physical theatre and a performance dedicated to the mined landscape.

FR 06.10.2023 / 19:30

Holektiv: MASS

MASS - We are affected by images that surround us and despite all our efforts to be original we have become unified within the mass of other beings. Eva Stará’s performance project, MASS, explores the theme of one’s self-confidence and identity, examining means that help us feel ourselves instead of meeting other people’s expectations.

SA 07.10 - MO 09.10.2023

ON MOBILISATION _ Afternoon Accessibility School

In the cultural sector, we like to say that we are 'open to all'. And maybe we mean it. But if we look just a little closer, we realise that we have built dozens of barriers around us. The afternoon school opens up the topic of those barriers and how to break them down. Three days of discussions, lectures and workshops on how to recognise and reduce the barriers we build at the entrances of our theatres and festivals. P. S. Childcare provided.

TH 12.10.2023 / 16:00-22:00

SPA: ROOT AND CONNECT / ((4+4 Days in Motion)

Not to be alone. To root and to have enough time to root. In this six-hour event, organised together with the international festival 4+4 Days in Motion, we will flow in a stream of one long performance. Will we have time to get to know each other and connect? Jump into this river with us. You can just be and take a break on the riverbank at any time. "

SA 14.10.2023 / 18:00

Matea Bilosnić, Nataša Kustura, Nikolina Rafaj [Zagreb]: The Workshop / work in progress

The Workshop" or "Never Alone" is a dance work-in-progress by Mateo Bilosnić, Nataša Kustura and Nikolina Rafaj, who come to ALTA from Zagreb. Viva cultural exchange!

SU 15.10.2023 / 19:30

AREAL: In search of the lost body [Bucharest]

A unique and emotional experience about the bodies we lost and (re)found during the pandemic. A labyrinth of new beginnings. AREAL from Romania comes to ALTA with this collective work.

TH 19.10.2023 / 19:30

Martina Hajdyla, Eliška Brtnická, Jana Stárková: TREMULA / premiere

You need to rest. Stay in place for a while. In a performance full of the elements, in our bodies. Finally, rest. But how long can this last? An autumn premiere you shouldn't miss.

SU 22.10.2023 / 16:00 / představení se odehraje venku před Studiem ALTA

Jazmína Piktorová, Sabina Bočková: Microworlds

Our Earth is full of worlds within worlds. Each of these microworlds lives its own unique life. This play focuses our attention on little things that are often overlooked in plain sight through micro-movements, body landscape, and a play with small objects. The playful and poetic play explores the fragility of our existence.
Movement and object-based performance for everyone 4 years old and up. The performance takes place outside in a front of Studio ALTA
No language barrier.

WE 25.10.2023 / 19:00

DOUBLE BILL SHOW / Sára Arnstein: Wonderland / Rabbit Hole + Pauline Payen: Yahoo! Dance! [Berlin]

One evening, two great female artists and the theme of the internet. Sara Arnstein gives us a sneak peek into her work-in-progress performance about falling down the rabbit hole via smartphone, and we hit the world of click-bait with Pauline Payen in a thrilling dance theatre. Yahoo!