Events and tickets

FR 29.04 - SU 22.05.2022

Michaela Petrů: INvalid dream

Michaela Petrů, a graduate of the Rittstein studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, explores boundaries of painting and opportunities offered by material. In the project Invalid Dream, she focuses her attention on one of Prague districts, Karlín, and its transformation from a working-class location to an area sough-after by developers.

WE 25.05.2022

Support Ukraine

Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine is still going on, but so is our support.
We are launching a new donation in support of Ukraine in partnership with Blindspots. This is a donation of food, gas masks and walkie talkies. You can bring the items directly to Studio ALTA - the west wing of the Karlin's Invalidovna. The next destination of the collection is the humanitarian warehouse Khmelnytskyi, from where the items go to the frontline, but also to the civilian population in actual need.
The collection will continue until 25 May.

TH 26.05 - SU 29.05.2022

TEH Conference 93

Trans Europe Halles is a network connecting independent cultural centres across Europe that use for their activities abandoned buildings and transform them into lively centres for art and culture. Studio ALTA is a long-time member of this platform and this year it also hosts the international conference TEH 2022 exploring the theme of cultivation. The conference will take place from 26 to 29 May. We will be listening to each other and learn how to understand our activity within a broader ecosystem and sustain healthy environment in order to function. Together we will examine themes such as team work, a search for an ideal relationship between quality and quantity in dramaturgy, but also, for instance, a re-instalment of imagination.