01.10.2024 / 16:30-20:30
02.10.2024 / 13:00-19:00
03.10.2024 / 10:00-16:00


 Since 2023 Studio ALTA and artist and activist Marika Smreková have been collaborating to explore strategies that make performing arts accessible also to parents of young children. In collaboration with them, other institutions, and by engaging in international dialogue, a gradual transformation of our processes began. We started identifying various barriers rooted in the ways we work, imbedded in our society and in the way contemporary art is presented, and we learned how to break them down, little by little. We began opening doors that for a long time had been closed, or very difficult to pass through, for many of us. As a result, we have welcomed back into our auditoriums an audience that, as they became parents, had lost its previously strong relationship with living culture. We made a number of mistakes. So we clarified frequent misunderstandings and established new friendships and collaborations. What we discovered is that, in culture, the theme of parenting is not only about parents and children but about all of us.

The Accessibility Symposium is a milestone in our transformation as an organisation, and we would like to share our experiences with you over the course of three days. How far did we get in the year and a half? What means did we used to make our programme accessible? And what could a parent-friendly culture look like, that is a cultural operation accessible to parents, children, and those without parenting experience?

 *Due to the scheduled renovation of Studio ALTA premises, the entire programme will take place at the Žižkostel community and cultural centre. Free of charge babysitting is available for the duration of the Symposium.

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(the complete programme will be announced in summer)



1 October, Tuesday (16:30-20:30)

Institute of Anxiety: Public Hearing on Parenting

We invite 45 guests to share their experiences. You will hear many voices mapping the current state of the cultural sector and its accessibility.



2 October, Wednesday (13:00-19:00)

Marika Smreková: Seeing the Invisible

Performance by Marika Smreková, Lenka Jabůrková, and Matěj Nytra, offering a shared experience of an intergenerational encounter and bringing diverse communities and groups with different life experiences into one space.

Tanz und Elternschaft: Workshop

Workshop organised by the Berlin platform “Dance and Parenting,” examining opportunities for dance as a means for social change.


– Late lunch or early dinner. Above all, a space for informal sharing.


3 October, Thursday (10:00-16:00)

Opportunities for Accessibility

– Series of short lectures and discussions, including sharing of examples of best practices from the Czech Republic and abroad in making culture accessible

– Professional meeting and presentation of Studio ALTA research


photo: Darja Lukjanenko, Simona Rybová

The Afternoon School of Accessibility is part of the On Mobilization project, supported by funds from the Creative Europe and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.