20.02.2022 / 14:00


Work in progress of the artistic residency in ALTA selected within the “House of Focus“.
Concept, direction: Ioana Popovici
Created with, performed by: Anna Línová

Ioana Popovici

“My style can be described as a hybrid product, being inspired by things that often contradict each other and generate – in the performance itself – a state of inquietude, uncertainty and potential danger. I am interested in unpredictable, chaotic, and unlinear structures, as I believe that most interesting things happen on the edge of chaos and stress.”

“My proposal for the residency revolves around the concept of inner demons, the focus will be on exploring anything that’s been left behind, abandoned, rejected, neglected, expelled from, feared of, unengaged with, laughed at. The topic is an open space for the most obvious and tangible to the most hidden, ambiguous, and ungraspable issues that have been avoided and generate unease. During the residency I will address several frames of mind such as boredom, repetitiveness, self-righteousness, giving-up, denial, procrastination, and rather than presenting them in a negative and doomed aura, I wish to stage them from an observant’s perspective, and treat them as transient mindsets. The project’s purpose is different from a therapeutic one, and does not aim to pacify the inner and outer conflicts. It rather is an invitation to acknowledge, observe and approach the unresolved, forgotten or rejected areas of oneself, hence to explore and to dive into the unknown layers of discomfort, concerns and expression.”

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