24.09.2023 / 14:00 - 17:00


A moderated meeting of artists and representatives of venues, loosely based on the Artist to Artist format.

The meeting Artist and Venues provides an opportunity to meet at one table together and discuss topics that interest, burden, or simply don’t make it to the table in the daily functioning of one or the other party. The aim is to name the expectations and needs of artists and venues so that their collaboration is as pleasant, functional, and sustainable as possible.

The first meeting of this kind was initiated by Studio ALTA during the Trans Europe Halles conference in Prague in 2022 as part of the international project CoHouses – Cooperation of cultural houses Studio ALTA, Baerum Kulturhus, Black Box Teater. The next meeting will build on, but also already work with, the outputs that were created during the meeting of artists and artist groups in the Artist to Artist format.

3 moderated roundtables will be attended by representatives of international art scenes (Baerum Kulturhus, Black Box Teater, Grenland Friteater), Czech cultural houses and festivals. Representatives of artists who have experience from Czech and foreign countries have already accepted our invitation.

We cordially invite you to this meeting, whether you are a representative of a venue or an artist.

1 round table will be held in English, the others in Czech.

Registration form.

Capacity is limited.

Artist and Venues is part of Studio ALTA’s Cultivator platform for transforming the functioning and practices of cultural institutions.

Project „Cooperation of Cultural Houses: Studio ALTA, Baerum Kulturhus, Black Box Teater“ is supported from the EHP and Norway Grants 2014–2021.