17.-21.9. 2018 / 10:00 – 17:00

The active career of dancers or „movers“ is determined by the condition of their joints. The capacity of a moving body is dependent on the natural possibilities of the joints, the ability to release the muscles and the elasticity of tendons and ligaments that strengthen the joints.

Dancing Qigong is a platform for my research of interconnections between chi-kung and dance. Through different archaic energetic exercises, chi-kung allows us to work with motion more consciously and more healthily.

Dancing Qigong „Liquid joints“ is a type of work focused on joints in motion. It is a way to get your joints into your consciousness and reinvent the possibilities of your joints. It not only gives us the ability to internally communicate with our muscles but also releases them and works with the energy that modulates the elasticity of ligaments. Last but not least, it releases us from tension, which is beneficial to our health condition.

This week, we will work with the anatomy in motion, focusing on deeper interconnections between joints. Thus, we will practically use these abilities in the technical training of New Dance. We will also exercise chi-kung with a focus on the joints, tendons, ligaments and most importantly kidneys, which are responsible for all these physical structures.