This artistic meeting and sharing is led by Zdenka Brungot Sviteková and it is open to everybody, also to participants with no previous experience. Free entry.

A workshop concluding with a personal performative experience. We will be approaching the human body through the imagery of the Earth as a natural prism of formation and transformation. We’ll be visiting different layers, exploring states, forces and new possibilities for movement, all inspired by the internal movements of the Earth, its constitutive elements and the way they have come to be.

It will also be an invitation to explore personal (his)tories and stories which make us into who we are today. First of all, it is an opportunity to connect with one’s own body, an invitation to move and to create. We will be working with guided movement sessions, instructions and ‘scores’. Culminating with each creating their own use of this approach to have a personal performative experience. Looking into performance and the act of performing through the lens- “when do I perform?” and “for whom?”

This work will be about relationship to body and to place, recognizing that even in stillness – there is movement. It is for anyone with curiosity about body and movement, as well as about creating a space for deeper understanding and connection with the body of Earth, which created the habitat and conditions for our very existence.

This proposition stems from my research rooted in the geomorphological and tectonic reality within the territory of Slovakia – the history of its formations and its geological processes. The geomorphology of Slovakia is fairly complex, showing a history of complicated movements and rich events, which gave rise to the actual shape of its landscape, which, indeed, is in a constant transformation. This research has been a fascinating journey in space and time, the deep time of the Earth’s history, reshaping my understanding of matter, dimensions, processes, space and time as well as the complexity and interconnectedness of the question- what does “here” really mean? Because to answer that one, one needs to first answer “where?” and “when?”

I perceive dance and movement as essential ways to experience the live existence of the universe, including all the complexities of nature and even the human experience. I share the belief that our bodies have intrinsic intelligence – formed from over three billion years of evolutionary history, since the origin of the first cell. Rather than seeking control over the body and the places we inhabit, we should develop practices for deep ‘attending’.

What will you need?

For this workshop you’ll need a space to move (in what feels private enough for your focused concentration), a yoga mat or other clean surface, comfortable clothing. You’ll also need paper to reflect on the process and to create your own partitions/instructions – what we call a dance score. There will be a part of the workshop when each one will be invited to go outside, into what is accessible and resonates with your definition of ‘nature’ (respecting the current measures implemented by the governing bodies). Your performative experience will be the base for your creation of a new score that can be transmitted to the next person, creating a base for his/her dance. A little chain of gifts scores that can start circulating, layering experiences to mutually inspire and support each other.

How to sign up:

Please, send us an e-mail to, not later than June 7th, 2020. The seminar is for free.


June 9th, 6 pm – 8 pm | Movement

June 10th, 10 am – 1:30 pm | Movement + afternoon in nature (in case of bad weather, this part will be indoor).

June 11th, 4 pm – 7 pm | Discussion and reflection of the seminar

June 11th, 7 pm | Public presentation