25.11. – 29.11. / 10:00 – 13:00


For this morning classes, resourced by Body Mind Centering, I propose a technical work in a very playful and sensorial way, based on my work of choreographer. Passing through divers exercises of contemporary dance, improvisation or contact improvisation we will experiment different body qualities and movement principles; looking for a soft and fluid quality of movement. During the classes I propose to explore various materials: qualities of touch; possibilities of body-coordination; inside and outside focus, space and support; divers dynamics, playing with the musicality… During each lesson I develop few simple or opposite principles (weight, alignment, rolling, centre, spiral, falling, suspension …) and I guide people in their own research and discovering solutions, encouraging the instinct, curiosity and the pleasure of dance. Altering the work alone, in duet, trio or a group variations and improvisations we will play, research and experiment the movement in many different ways.

The workshop is open to dancers of all levels and it is English and also French friendly.


Company E7KA / France

Dancer, choreographer and teacher born in Slovakia, she studied at the Academy of performing Arts in Bratislava and Body Mind Centering in Paris. She participated in divers projects, in collaboration with other dancers, musicians, visual artists, actors, circus artists and choreographers in Slovakia, Czech republic, France and Belgium. She teaches regularly in Paris, Brussels, Prague, Bratislava, Grenoble, Limoges, La Rochelle, Poitiers, Tours, Hanoi, Riga, Orléans …

Since 2001 she has been based in Paris, where she created the Company E7KA and her performances: “Alzbeta Hlucha”, “Alzbeta”, “Ivanuska”, “Touch.ed”, “MOVE /“, “Ouvrir le temps”, “PURE“ and “Traces“, have since been performed in France, Belgium, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, Latvia and Hong Kong.