15.11. / 16:30 – 19:30
16.11. / 10:00 – 13:00


Soundpainting is a sign language for live composition with musicians, dancers, actors, visual artists. It’s a creative tool to build multidisciplinary performances, rehearse with a group, or even help to teach music, dance, etc. Basically, a soundpainter (composer/conductor) leads an improvisation, giving tasks to the performers through simple signs. The composition evolves along the dialogue between the performers improvised materials and the ideas they bring to the soundpainter. Playful and deep, soundpainting opens new possibilities for artists to meet and explore new ways in collective improvisation, whatever is their discipline and their skills. It’s also a great tool to teach to young audiences, bringing fun, creativity, awareness. The goal of this workshop is to learn the basic signs of soundpainting (around 60), how to respond to them as a performer (eventually building improvisation strategies) and in a second time, to learn how to use these as a soundpainter, to start to compose simple pieces.

Jean-Baptiste Charlot is a musician and dancer based in France. He studied philosophy (master in 2004) and music (graduate in music theory, composition, flute, jazz and chamber music ; trained in north indian classical music and bansuri flute by Harsh Wardhan). Certified soundpainter, he explores multidisciplinary composition and site specific performances with various companies and is part of the realtime composition Think Tank process (Walter Thompson). His interest for movement led him to study butoh dance (Camille Mutel, Masaki Iwana), investigate Laban’s theory and work with physical theater methods (Viewpoint).