25.-29.5. 2020 ● 10:00 – 17:00

An online creative laboratory for professional artists led by Nela H. Kornetová. The lab is for selected artists for free and the communication language will be adapted to the participants.

COVID 19 affected and will keep affecting all of us. We are forced to stay and work at home. We are advised to keep a distance. That is why I suggest we KEEP DIS-DANCE and connect at least virtually a couple of our creative minds and bodies. The purpose of this workshop/laboratory project is to keep our artistic community active, reflecting the immediate current situation we are all facing during the pandemic. It is also an opportunity for the performers, dancers, and makers to keep our practices alive. Together we will search for ways how to adjust to the current situation and new ways how we can collaborate and possibly even reach out to the general public. I hope we can enjoy the togetherness of a joint effort and experiment with the given distance.

During the laboratory days we will follow this structure of the day:

10:00 – 11:30 group ZOOM meeting, voice & body warm-up, tasks
11:30 – 15:00 individual research & lunch
15:00 – 17:00 group ZOOM meeting, sharing of the research & reflection

Each day we will warm up our body, voice, and mind and then experiment with different tasks and research our physicality and musicality framed by the lens of the camera. We will search for the answers separately, reflect them together and react on them. I will share some video editing and compositional tools. Participants will receive simple guidelines, sort of game rules, and then develop short original site-specific dances and soundscapes and record it on any available device (phone, computer, etc). These dances and soundscapes will be in a way celebration of our creativity and need for movement in the time of social distancing. Even though we cannot dance or sing together physically, we can do it virtually. It will also salute the places we spend most of our time these days – be it in our home, forest or city streets, yet all in a safe distance from the crowds. I look at this laboratory as on long-distance contact improvisation or music jam. The question is if it is possible?

In the end, I will edit all the movement and musical sequences filmed by the participants (collaborators) into one video. I look at editing as a way to choreograph all the existing movements and sounds into one larger composition. We will share it on 1st June online.

The laboratory is open for 10 participants who are open to collaborate while using and sharing their body, voice, and mind. The language of the workshop can be English or Czech, according to the selected participants. You can join the lab physically in Invalidovna or online.

Please write a sentence or a short paragraph about your motivation for why you want to join the laboratory and send it to by Saturday May 23rd.