Friday December 6: 18.30- 20.30hrs
Saturday December 7: 15.30 to 19.30hrs
Sunday December 8: 15.30 to 18.30hrs


The human animal evolved through a rich variety of movements in ever changing scenarios. The mix of Contact Improvisation, tango, Taichi and movement principles can provide a variety of non-repetitive movements vital for our wellbeing. The type of movement input we nourish our bodies with will transform us biochemically, remodelling us emotionally and creatively, generating new synapsis and movement patterns, besides invigorating our minds. On the other hand, this open combination allows us to get in touch with oneself and others in a grounded, creative and consensual way.

This open combination, boundless of a given style, developed in a playful environment, results in a freedom of movement that expands our possibilities of expression and creative complicity. It provides the possibility to deepen the understanding of our bodies and our physical relation with society and Nature. The Ecological Body is a fluid crossover between the disciplines of Biomechanics, Ecology and Somatics.


-nourish a variety of movements that can be easily integrated in our every day life.

-develop movements that have to do with our evolutionary history (pushing, pulling, walking, squatting, lifting, spirals, etc,) establishing a flow between them, and applying them to Contact Impro, tango or any physical expression.

– enhance our instinctual animal reflexes reconciling them with the limits of our structural anatomical design,

-broaden the subtleness of our sensory motor system through touch, breath, relaxation and  grounding

-develop different body organisations by expanding our physical imagination,

-reclaim our bodies enhancing our sensoriality and our empathic connection with others, in duos, trios and groups.

INFO: Javier Cura.   phone/ Whatsapp: +4917621452059

Javier Cura is a teacher, visual artist, theatre director and movement coach who has worked extensively in the realms of movement and dance. He has been invited to teach and perform at Fabrik Potsdam Tanztage, Goettingen Contact Impro Festival and Phantastango,  Farma Dance Theatre Festival and Alchemie Tango in Prague, C.I.R.A in Strasbourg, as well as to CI Festival San Francisco (USA). He has dedicated himself to researches in anthropological and sociological themes to develop projects in social theatre in Italy, Morocco and Germany. He has collaborated on a research on expression in Contact Improvisation at the Berlin Free University.  He has worked as movement advisor for Sickle Cell patients in London Royal Hospital. He has developed “The Ecological Body” with UN Ecology researchers to have a positive impact on Climate Change through taking care of our own physical vital movements.   He has participated with his proposal at the Degrowth Summer Camp in Poedelwitz, Germany.