Sometimes we may need to unlearn things to learn them, stop doing them to do them better. What is before the name and the form? How to get rid of the fixed concepts that are limiting our ability to observe and understanding to the underlying principles. A space for active speculation without limiting categories that provides a basis for accessing the understanding on which we can place ornaments freely. To read movement of the partner, percept proportions, measure the distance, articulate clear impulses, to process and decide, to place yourself in the space, to find a rhythm in interaction…

Jakub Zeman is a student and instructor within the Fighting Monkey research project. Building on the rich history of physical life containing experience from variety of disciplines (martial arts, sports, dancing, gymnastics, contact improvisation, parkour…) he is using the Fighting Monkey framework to provide experience to people from different backgrounds in order to open new possibilities in their practice and helping them to develop skills and qualities relevant to their context.

For registration fill out the form The price is 1500 CZK for registrations before 24.12.2018 and 1800 CZK from 25.12.2018. Capacity 20 people. If you have questions, you can send an e-mail to