3.10. – 6.10.2020


Saturday, Impuls Florent and Laura (10-18)
Sunday, Impuls Aino and Lecture Barbara (10-17)
Monday, Impuls Bartosz (10-18)
Tuesday (Morning): Jam Session and Discussion (optional) (10-13)

Open Studio: 9.10., 18:00

with Florent Golfier/tYhle (FR/CZ), AINO (GER/RUS), Bartosz Ostrowski (PL), Laura Brechmann (GER), Prof. Dr. Barbara Mertins (CZ/GER)

Max. 10 Participants, admission free, please register at 

Our Babel laboratory deals with different layers of multilingualism. Through movement and voice-work, we will focus on our relationship to different languages, on the act of speaking and on multilingual thinking. The Lab is opening up an experimental space to meet, to discuss and to explore. We want to blurry lines and borders; we want to get in movement with all our languages and playfully ask what happens between us when we get involved in the fluctuating ambiguity of the world.

This research, initiated by Florent Golfier (tYhle) and Laura Brechmann, identifies as an exploratory, collaborative artistic research practice, aiming to contribute to cultural and social development and empowerment. For each version we are teaming up with collaborative partners from different disciplines and countries to get inspiration from. In Praha we will be supported by the fine artist AINO, the performer Bartosz Ostrowski and the psycholinguist Prof. Dr. Barbara Mertins.

The LAB is open to everybody with an experience in dance/performance and will adapt to the needs and interests of the participants.

tYhle/Florent Golfier

Florent Golfier is a French dancer, performer and choreographer based in the Czech Republic. He studied acting in Nancy and dance, clown and physical theatre at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. Together with Lukáš Karásek, Marie Gourdain and Zuzana Režná, he founded the physical theatre collective tYhle, he has co-created nine performances as a choreographer or performer. He has worked with choreographers such as Karine Ponties, Kitt Johnson, Vít Nezval,  Linda and Mathias Straub and Ondřej Holba. As an artist, he aims to connect with the fragility we all share, and from which we draw inspiration, honesty and power, and help others to accept it as a precious part of ourselves. Based on this artistic approach, Florent searches for ways to connect initiatives across disciplines in order to work on acknowledgment and clarification of our present and future identities. His newest project Babel trilogy continues with a series of linguistic and movement laboratories that he organizes together with the Czech-German Psycholinguist Prof. Dr. Barbara Mertins.


AINO’s work is an investigation into a human personality, the origin of our emotions and behaviours, and its connection to our material reality. Grown-up in Russia and living in Germany – AINO is a multidisciplinary artist working in the field of visual arts, installation, and performance. AINO studied architecture in Russia and Germany. Her fascination with architecture profoundly marks her artistic approach. The invention of new techniques, developing the sophisticated under construction for her
optically fragile pieces, the precision of detail are the essential characteristics of AINO’s work.

Bartosz Ostrowksi

Bartosz Ostrowski, choreographer, dancer, performer. Graduate of the Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow, Warsaw Dance Department and PACAP in Forum Dança Lisbon. His work is characterised by the coexistence of speech and dance in a direct dialogue with the audience. Author of solo pieces walkie_talkie, REFUGEE TALKS and collective pieces Secondhand ’68, Individual Concert and Seagull: Five seconds from Chekov with dotcompany. Collaborates among many others with Diana Niepce, Cezary Tomaszewski and kainkollektiv. In Babel. The resonance of language he is conducting research on language as an anatomical structure of the body. (

Laura Brechmann

Laura Brechmann is a freelance performer and theatre scholar. In addition to her teaching and research activities, she works as a performer in Germany and the Czech Republic. As production manager, she has been organizing performative LABs on the topic of “multilingualism” together with dancer Florent Golfier since 2019, most recently at the psycholinguistic institute of the TU Dortmund University.