This is not about me! is a solo performance by Michaela Dašková, created in collaboration with Cécile da Costa and Marika Smreková. It is the physical narration of a dziad, narrator, clown, trickster – who borrows an expressions of various powerful political figures and comments on the world with his voice, gesture and body. The performance moves along a thin line between parody and criticism, subtly emphasizing and revealing what should not be visible. It is based on concrete and well-known political cases, which, however, have a universal message and, in general, reflect the values and actions that are promoted in various social environments and systems. The narrator’s body changes under the influence of various political narratives, juggling words, screaming, stuttering, roaring and voice flowing through space, running away, crawling or tensing…

Concept, performer: Micha Ela Dašková

Voice and movement guidance: Cécile da Costa

Dramaturgy and directing collaboration: Marika Smreková

Light design: Filip Horn

Co-production: Studio ALTA

Lenght: 33 minut

The presentation continues with a discussion on the division of power in the company with a special guests Markéta Všelichová and David Zelinka, who have extensive information and experience from the officially unrecognized autonomous Kurdish Rojava – a territory that has operated independently of Syria’s central government since 2016.

Information for visitors:

Please follow hygienic rules.


Představení bylo podpořeno Ministerstvem kultury ČR a Státáním fondem kultury ČR.