Two people trapped in a triangle of emptiness, fear and abandonment. Two characters driven by their obsessiveness in this space that bears witness to their wasted efforts.

“The more we have, the less we have.”

Idea, choreography, performance: Markéta Stránská, Jean Gaudin
Set and costume design: Monika Urbášková
Lighting design: Zuzana Režná
Music: Matěj Kotouček
Produced by: Srdcem zapsaný spolek, z.s., Centrum choreografického rozvoje SE.S.TA, ALT@RT z.ú.
Graphic design: Monika Urbášková
Supported by: City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech republic, Centrum choreografického rozvoje SE.S.TA and ALT@RT z.ú.
Special thanks: Nathalie Pubellier and WD Lux

Photo: Vojta Brtnický