“Nothing is what, or rather, where it seems.” Leonard Susskind

The theme of the project is based on the initial idea that people or any beings in the universe are all connected, and our way of life changes our collective consciousness. The body is used as an interacting matter, to suppress its individualism and to provoke a picture of multividualism. All our life we identify with the picture who we think we are or how the society perceives us. We are instilled in our individuality, uniqueness. In this project, we are trying to remove this burden that we have placed upon ourselves and on the whole universe. We are not individualists; we are multividuals. We are intertwined on a deep level that we may not normally perceive. Face, eyes, body, emotions are the image of the individuality in the colors of the group.

With our artistic approach, we offer a new perspective on individualism. In these days, mankind believes that everybody is unique. Isn´t this uniqueness just one of many roles that society imposes on us? We express our belief that we all are just small pieces of one great organism. Are we many individuals or one multividual? Isn´t the emphasis on our uniqueness against our nature?

Multividual is a collective piece created by artists who combine exactitude and abstractness in physics and dance. Through a concrete body, they bring incomprehensible facts on stage and create space without past or future – just like physics and dance declare.

“How many squares do you have to draw to create a circle?” Lucia Kašiarová from the Eau de vie project

Idea, concept: Lucia Kašiarová
Created by: Sára Arnstein, Jiří Šimek, Tomáš Vtípil, Jan Tyl, Magdaléna Vrábová, Lucia Kašiarová
Artistic support: Peter Šavel
Co-produced by: Ufftenživot, Studio ALTA
Residencies: NKC Záhrada, Švestkový dvůr, Zámek Žďár nad Sázavou

Photo: Magdaléna Vrábová