08.11.2020 / 21:15


One big poem on stage – this time online and in English.


A dancing whirl. Classical drama. Alternative theatre. An essay about the world. An encounter. It’s so complicated that it isn’t quite clear what it is, but when you accept this fact, you feel free, and perhaps you’ll experience something more than one beautiful evening. The only certainty is uncertainty. This is not an excuse. It’s a conscious decision, a working method, a lifestyle.

We started creating this piece at the beginning of 2018 thanks to Magdalena Faltová, the director of SIMI, the Association for Integration and Migration (you can listen to our interview here and her experiences with online hatred. This encounter was the first domino piece which started a chain reaction – and at the end of it is what you will see today. Questions like these accompanied the process: To what extent does the platform we use to communicate shape our behaviour? To what extent are we shaped by the city we live in? And by the “status quo”? This show is an attempt to find oneself in a world which purrs, beeps, vibrates, and overloads. How to find oneself in a world that doesn’t want us to concentrate.

What surrounds us is a product of our thinking. What surrounds us shapes our thinking. How do we go deep enough to see what produces our problems, rather than simply distracting ourselves with their manifestations? There is no time for depth and quality – the times are so fast; it’s completely unprecedented.

“Where everyone should stop, they go, go, and get nowhere.” (Jiřík the Dancer)

Words of Apology is the fifth devised project by the progressive Czech group Ufftenživot, which creates physical theatre performances in which it makes no difference whether the performers dance or speak. Jiří Šimek and Jiřík the Dancer follow on from their previous collaboration on NEBOJ_Aneb show Tanečníka Jiříka (DON’TBESCARED_Or, Jiřík the Dancer’s Show) in order to explore the rabbit hole of movement, dance, speech, and poetry, aiming to create a space in which we can calmly and securely focus on ourselves and each other…


Performer/creator: Jiřík the Dancer
Set/technical support/lights: Jiří Šimek and Štěpán Hejzlar
Sound: William Valerián
Produced by: Ufftenživot z.s.
Title photo: Jarek Plouhar
Supported by: Prague City Hall
Co-producer: Studio ALTA
Residencies: z.s., Johan z.u., Studio ALTA, CrossAttic
Premiere: 7. 10. 2019, NoD


MONOLOGFESTIVAL is back and will be live online three nigths as a Showcase November 06 + 07 + 08 November – Every day from 7.30pm we will be streaming live – mostly from TD Berlin but also from other places like Prague and Basel. Before, after and between the shows there will be DJ sets to cheer up your moods at home. Since we are all not supposed to be out and about a lot these days and theatres are closed for their audiences we went online… despite of it all and ever the more: Monologfestival Showcase will be happening!

Do not miss this fine collection of recent solo works by: Antje Pfundtner in Gesellschaft // Institut für Chauvinistische Weiterbildung // internil // Jiri Šimek // soMermaids. Information about the programm (unfortunately only in german language) is available by clicking the dates: November 06 | November 07 | November 08.

The stream starts 7.30 pm each day with a DJ set. First Show starts just at 08.00pm and after a short DJ intermission there will be the next show around 09.15 pm. If you would like to chat with us register easy and quickly for free at Twitch.