03.07.2020 / 18:00


There is an intensive research going on now, we are working on text materials, music and movement principles. The directions of our theme are still developing.

Love song. Melody. Refrain. Words. Story. Relationships. Love. Emotions. Image.

Popular songs and all the music industry are influencing our lives at large, however we want or not. Pop stars, woman singers, man singers and bands are representing idols and icons, towards who we tend to be attached in different periods of life and through our relationships. We could speak as well about film as a medium that has a big impact on society, it leads us to percieve love and relationships in a certain way. But in which way is music so specific? How far are we consisting of small pieces and characters that music leaves in us? And how far are we influenced by the phenomenon of music videos? It brings us various previews about love and relationships, to which we tend to be attached. What importance in our lives is based on this medium? And what kind of information and values do we hold and carry in consequence?

Creative team in alphabetic order: Sára Arnsteinová, Kateřina Císařová, Lucia Čižinská, Nataša Mikulová, Natálie Rajnišová, Bára Zmeková.
Production: Tereza Tomášová  

Interviews with creators on our online platform for podcasts  about making theatre, being actress and about common stereotypes connected with acting. The interviews are led by Jiří Šimek.

Nataša and Lucia: