20.11.2021 / 17:00



The concept behind The Feast is based on a collective impulse of Studio ALTA team to bring us closer to each other. We desire to create a shared environment open to all parties (ambassadors and organisations that share our space) which constitute ALTA as an organism as well as other attendees. The reason for a three-hour long feast is to connect different communities, set aside time and space, and focus our attention on ideas and practices supported by ALTA since the past spring. To be a bit closer to each other.

Theatres Night is an annual national event providing a framework for presentations by artists and cultural institutions. Our aim is to strengthen ALTA’s potential as a community and give voice to our long-term supporters who have been helping shape ALTA’s identity.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us. The feast will offer variety of courses, recipes, and meals, cooked on site as well as those prepared and brought in by our guests. The cuisine will be a mixture of things and so will our accompanying programme—a multi-layered feast of ideas and (non)artistic practices.


Buenas Artes



Místní místním



● In 2021, all events at ALTA are free! ●

During the pandemic, we did not have the opportunity to meet you in person and open ALTA to the general public. Now that we can do it, we want to be even closer to you. We decided that we would not collect any entrance fees for our programs in 2021, so that really everyone could come. Culture to all!