21.11.2020 / 17:00


The topic of this online discussion is sustainable urbanism and ecology in culture. Can a cultural center by ecological? What are the ways of reducing its ecological impact? How should the relationship between cities and cultural centers look like? The discussion is in English.

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Guests: Werner Wiartalla (ufaFabrik Berlin), Marco Schmidt (Technical university Berlin) and Michal Lehečka (AutoMat). Hosted by Jiří Šimek.

Werner Wiartalla is in charge of the Ecology office in UFA Fabrik (Berlin). “I wanted to develop! In normal society in the mid-eighties, this was not possible. That’s why I moved to the ufaFabrik. By the way, sustainability wasn’t even my first priority. But at some point, it became clear to us that we have to live together in harmony with nature, so that our children and their children can still live well on this planet.”

Marco Schmid is an engineer and scientist at the technical university in Berlin. He has a lot of experience in ecology/sustainability projects all over the world. Working at university on sustainable construction, and in federal institute for research for the environmental agency. ufaFabrik is one of his projects, and he is a musician there as well.

Michal Lehečka is an anthropologist and he focuses on the development of post-socialist cities. He is interested in panel housing estates and the relationship of their residents towards public spaces. He also works on development of culture and community in Prague 14.

This event is supported by the Czech-German Future Fund.