15.09.2021 / 19:30



Live audiovisual performance KittyInTheGarden is a journey into the core of hardware and software, connected in real time with animation and space sound. The used technology, together with animations that blur the line between the virtual and real worlds, will take you to imaginative, fantastic landscapes and intuitive mental spaces created as a game and music application. They reflect author’s approach to exploring locations, development, and collecting data. 

The performance for the SPA series invites spectators to Invalidovna where a live, site-specific cinema is set up. It builds on Jakub Krejčí’s long-term performance project, KittyChaosPlanet. A discussion will follow the performance, offering a deeper understanding of the event and reflection on the shared experience of the performance. 

Artist: Jakub Krejčí

Jakub Krejčí is a media artist focusing on moving image, sound, VR, and narrative. He graduated from the Center for audiovisual studies at the Film and TV School, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU). Krejčí has been working with interactive forms of sound and image, applying them in real space. At the present, he is engaged in art research at FAMU where he uses gaming platforms and methods of music programming for development of applications crossing the boundaries of art, design, and games.

Curator: Petra Widžová

Petra Widžová’s projects and curatorial concepts explore opportunities that establish connections with environment and context for which they are created. She frequently works with alternative exhibition spaces, site-specific works, and public spaces. Widžová typically seeks new ways to communicate contemporary visual art and establish dialog with viewers in unorthodox contexts and situations. Her project for the SPA series develops opportunities that allow to interconnect contemporary visual art with the context of historic buildings. 

SPA series curators: Antonín Brinda & Petr Dlouhý


Please follow hygienic rules.

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