16.06.2021 / 18:00


The attention of the next event from the SPA – Studio Performance Art series will focus on the relationship between the medium of performance and time.

It is time that plays a key role in presentations of the so-called live arts, in which individual events have a more or less clearly limited duration. Whether the performance is performed only once or repeatedly, the situation of the joint experience of the artists and the audience is unrepeatable. Some artists purposefully explore this basic given and create events that can last for hours, days or even several years. For performances of this kind, the term “(long) durational art / performance” or “endurance art” has been used, in the Czech context so far without a stable translation.

Live events, the length of which exceeds the established temporality of a theatrical performance or “feature” film in the context of Western countries, are not uncommon within the medium of performance. Such “long-durational” works can be seen as a subgroup of performance art, which places increased demands not only on the performer, but also on the audience. It invites to calm, concentrated, but at the same time more fluid attention; it distracts from the normalized conception of time and thus opens the door to reconsider the ways in which we think about the phenomenon of time in our daily lives.

As a part of “Performance and Time”, Darja Lukjanenko (in the form of a collective performance) and Matěj Frank will present their several-hour long events.

Enter another time with us!

This event is language barrier-free. Free entry. Please, follow current hygiene measures. ◄