31.10.2022 / 19:30


This year Planeta dedicated her research process to sound. She is discovering sound as the music of performative bodies. Inspired by Nick Cave’s sound costumes, she is looking for new forms and techniques that combine sound and movement, where interaction with the ensemble specifies how performers present the melody. And vice versa, how the song intertwined with the choreography based on the improvisation. She structured her inquiry about abstraction and deconstructive mechanization. During the residency in ALTA, she will focus on researching new costume techniques that extract sound creation.
What if silence is a mystical meditation dance?

Planeta (1996) was born in Kyiv, UA. Since 2013 she has lived and worked in Poland. She is a transmedia artist and performer whose practice is based on a symbiotic view of life. Researcher of queer erotica, a practitioner of shamanism. Returning to ceremonial traditions and learning the process of rituals based on shamanic practices, she explores the world of complex and intermingled relationships as the most profound form of eroticism. Using objects from the second circulation, she creates costumes and scenography for her ceremonies and performances. She’s looking for new forms of communication with Nature, an alternative fetish through performative practices.

Performance Dark Eros Orchestra is a result of a collaboration between the MeetFactory residency programme and the year-long programme Studio Performance Art (SPA) focused on creating mutual interconnections and sharing resources. MeetFactory is the only space in the Czech Republic with a studio within its residency programme dedicated to artists working in performance art. As an artist in residence, Planeta thus receives a safe space from the MeetFactory while Studio Performance Art provides another platform for her presentation and networking with local art scene and audience.



Pay What You Can

In 2021 all events at Studio ALTA were free. In 2022 we are introducing a new pricing system – Pay What You Can – which will allow you to choose to pay for your ticket an amount you can afford.

Tickets for each event now feature a suggested amount, giving you access to performances at ALTA for a lower price. Great! If you can pay more, you will help others pay less. We don’t wish to judge nor stigmatise but create a space for mutual solidarity and make culture accessible.

The Pay What You Can system is inspired by similar systems used by Theater, Atelier 210 in Belgium, and Battersea Arts Centre in London.


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