22.02.2024 / 9:30 - 17:30


experience the festival on board the bus

PerformanceBus is a magical journey that we are heading on for the fourth time. It is a way to decentralize our attention to cultural institutions and activities taking place in different parts and corners of the Czech Republic. Each trip we want to make new friendships, experience adventures and find unique artistic activities in places we might not expect.

This time, led by our driver Marcel, we will head to the Jičín region. We will explore the hypermarket on the city ring road from the perspective of Michał Sałwinski. We will visit the Wallenstein Loggia, where the performance Landscape in a Backpack will take place, and we will encounter the intervention of Miloš Šejn while walking through the garden. His work will continue to guide us throughout the journey as we screen his art movies on low-resolution bus screens. Our last stop will be… a bus stop (!!!) in the village of Barchov. The bus stop is at the same time CHOV Gallery where we will throw an opening party. But as usual, part of the program is always shrouded in mystery.

In addition to the tour program itself, the PerformanceBus is an opportunity to meet Little Inventory festival guests and local artists.


9:30 meet at Studio ALTA

9:45 leaving!

11:00 Hypermarket Albert (Mlada Boleslav ring road)
– Michał Sałwinski: Shopping Bag With a Magic Companion

11:45 departure

12:30 Wallenstein Loggia
– Markéta Labusová, Iva Ščerbáková, Tomáš Mašek: Landscape in a backpack
– Miloš Šejn: Performance

14:15 departure

15:15 Gallery CHOV
– Kristýna Pozlerová, Neitah Janzig & col.: Dear Unknown (opening)

16:00 departure

17:30 arrival to Venuše ve Švehlovce

Driver: Mr. Marcel
Production: Maria Ševčíková
Curator: Petr Dlouhý & Antonín Brinda