12.11.2022 / 09:30-03:00


Studio Performance Art (SPA) is ready to despatch PerformanceBus. Together with our partner, the platform Bludný kámen in the city of Opava, we’re setting out for a one-day journey across Bohemia and Moravia to Silesia and back. We will stop at few places—cultural institutions, a parking lot at city ringway, and gas stations—and turn them into sites for performance interventions. 

PerformanceBus reflects our efforts to decentralise attention focused on various platforms, institutions and individual activities dedicated to performance art in different parts of the Czech Republic. The trip seeks to be also a certain gesture, encouragement for wider interconnectedness and collaboration of stakeholders. PerformanceBus could be seen as a magical portal, a field trip, or an epic journey. 

Driver: Marcel
Curators: Antonín Brinda & Petr Dlouhý (SPA), Matěj Frank & Kuba Frank (Bludný kámen)
Production: Anežka Medová
Graphic design: Darja Lukjanenko

Travel itinerary
09:30 meeting at Studio ALTA

10:00 departure

10:30 Michal Kindernay – RurArtMap (lecture in the bus)

11:30 8smička (gallery visit, meeting with curators)

13:45 parking lot at Avion Shopping Park (lunch at IKEA + AVA concert)

16:10 Basement project performance group (ORLEN Benzina, Žerůvky – Olomouc)

17:00 PAF – selection of films (screening in the bus)

18:10 Opava city (visiting the Bludný kámen, free time to explore the city and have dinner on your own, concert by Petr Válek at a gallery)

22:00 departure

22:30 surprise

02:00 arrival to PRAGUE

Participating artists

Bludný kámen
AVA: Moving Spaces
Basement project
Michal Kindernay
Petr Válek
PAF: Jiné vize 2021
Ala Savashevich


Tickets for the PerformanceBus could be purchased through the Studia ALTA system PayWhatYouCan which allows buyers to choose ticket price from multiple levels: 250 CZK /300 CZK /350 CZK (suggested price) /400 CZK /450 CZK

The ticket includes a round bus trip + entrance fee to all programmes + coffee and tea during the trip. Meals are not included, each participant is responsible for his/her meals. Lunch break is scheduled in the vicinity of IKEA, free time in Opava accounts for dinner time. We will take breaks at gas stations during the bus trip. 

Seats are limited to 35 people.