06.04.2023 / 18:30 - 21:00


Studio Performance Art (SPA) will present the work of two international artists, Adriana Disman and Ilka Theurich, whose practice has long been devoted to themes such as self-harm, body-positivity and the spatial politics.

The event is directly linked to the launch of the 67th issue of the contemporary art magazine Flash Art Czech & Slovak Edition, which this time maps different forms of queerness and conceptions of otherness. The launch itself will take place in the SVĚTOVA1 gallery, followed by a discussion. After the ceremony, the focus will shift to the synagogue for performances by Adriana Disman and Ilka Theurich.

The whole event is the result of a tight collaboration between Studio ALTA, its SPA programme series, the MeetFactory residency programme, which hosts both artists from March to May, the SVĚTOVA1 gallery and the organization Krajinou přílivu, which is the umbrella organisation for the activities in the Libeň Synagogue.

18:30-20:00 Galerie SVĚTOVA1 [Světova 523/1, P8]
Křest Flash Art Czech & Slovak Edition č. 67 & discussion (Zai Xu, David Laufer, Hana Janečková)

20:00-21:00 Libeňská Synagoga [Ludmilina 601/4, Palmovka, P8]
SPA: Adriana Disman & Ilka Theurich

ADRIANA DISMAN is a Canadian performance art maker, thinker, and writer with Czech origins, currently living and working in Berlin. Disman’s practice searches for minor modes of resistance as they seek liberation – an interdependent and as yet un-imagined state – through refusing to adhere to the logics of power. Often engaging with self-wounding, their work is minimal, poetic, and intense.

ILKA THEURICH is a Hannover-based performer, curator and couch. Her artistic work revolves around questions of the performative context of space, horizontal democracy, critical spatial practice and spatial politics. She is interested in the deployment of her social-poetical-performance-practice as a methodology in the field of critical spatial practice.

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