5.9. 2019 / 18:00


Eva Rezová, Lenka Vořechovská: Waiting

This is a project by Eva Rezová and Lenka Vořechovská, who met at Duncan Centre conservatory.

We try to find out, how to be as self-sufficient as possible. We decided to create a portable performance that can fit into a box. Just a small space and a spectator close to us, reaching out for us. Inside the box, there is an authentic, small world.

We are leaving our nests, growing up, and the more we want to go back in time to our childhood. It is a painful process. But at the same time, it can be a great fun. Depending on your point of view.

Roman Poliak: naked

This performance is exploring memory and body, body memory, shame and imagination. Based on poetry, the performance balances between personal and social. Is this body me? What does my brain, my soul and my body remember? Can a non-dancer perform in a leading dance studio? Can you empathize with me? Does body determine identity? What do I consist of?

Svetlana Spirina and Collective Inactions (CI): Searching for the shapes of rest

Collective Inactions (CI) is nomadic performative group and improvised wellness center. We are interested in leisure and unproductivity, which is not framed as entertainment, but as explorative and meditative practice. We are focused on presentness of our bodies and souls. We are searching for rest, slowness and the most pleasurable way of being-in-the-world.

Rotem Weissman: Yellow Poetry

In this episode of a future dance piece by an emerging Israeli choreographer Rotem Weissman, we explore the desire and love of the body to move. This work celebrates the freedom and beauty of the moving body and conveys the love and passion for dance. The audience is invited to witness some unique creative worlds full of color and imagination – a surprising and visceral journey through a rich landscape. Behind this there is no real story, but a movement that fits, feels right and excites.

Choreography – Rotem Weissman
Dancers – Máté Asbót and Susanna Ylikoski
Thanks to Sam Huczkowski, Augustin Groz, Jin Lee, Máté Asbót and Susanna Ylikoski, Studio ALTA