14.10.2021 / 18:00


RELATIONS SET-STOCK UTOPIAS/  Salon of Czech Scenography

Who is the best buddy in scenography? Is scenography a matter of space or time? And can we even take scenography out of the theater context and place it in a gallery?

Seven scenographers and collectives of different foundation meet at Studio Alta in Prague to discuss the principles of scenic work and their visions, fulfilled or not.

The Prague edition of this exhibition is not based on physical “set-stock”, instead audio and video is used to channel the authors’ views, processes, relations and utopias.

The featured artists include Pavla Beranová, Michal Cáb, Handa Gote, Zuzana Sceranková, Matěj Sýkora, Martina Zwyrtek and Sedlčany Amateur Dramatic Society as well as the memory of Petr Matásek.

The exhibition RELATIONS SET-STOCK UTOPIAS follows the tradition of the national “Salon of Czech Scenography” which, under various names, has been held since 1977. While in previous years the authors presented their work individually, this year the format is transformed into a thematically rounded exhibition. The salon principle is, however, represented too, by the Scenographic Album. 

Curators: Amálie Bulandrová, Anna Chrtková, Jan Matýsek


Please follow hygienic rules.

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