14.02.2020 / 18:00


This year´s residencies for professional artists were granted to: Felix Bauman, Jitka Čechová, Krystyna Slobodianiuk. Free entry.

Felix Baumann, Sean Henderson: How Things Go

“How things go” is a movement based research of objects and materials, their physicality and function, their momentum, and the influence they have on the human body in motion and space. In “How things go” two guys try to build something which is remarkable for their life. On the way their encounter with the objects causes a chain of reactions, where failure is incarnated, in the architecture of their plan. But without giving up and sustaining their sense of humor they keep rolling, stubborn like a stone falling into the water.”

Concept, Direction, Choreography, Interpretation: Felix Baumann (DE), Sean Henderson (US/CH)
Stage and visual design: Felix Baumann (DE), Sean Henderson (US/CH)
Music design: Jakub Štourač (CZ), Pilou Barge (FR)
Outside Eye: Marie Gourdain (FR/CZ)
Light design: Jiří Šmirk (CZ)
Production: Baumann & co.
Co-production: Švestkový Dvůr / Plum Yard (CZ)

Jitka Čechová: Anti.LOVE

Martin and Jitka have something in common. Something very deep and very intensive. They are both experiencing the most complex, confusing and complicated world phenomena. It is called…relationship. They share feelings like passion, butterflies in their bellies, being hurt, being sad, being far, being close, being too close, feeling high, feeling low, love, hate, tenderness, aggression…and all nuances what can happen in the story of two individuals. They are experiencing the organic flow of a human nature, except they are experiencing it with a helium balloon. The theme of a short performative art is the relationships and how we perceive relationships nowadays. The performance is a satire of our apocryphal relationships and how we prioritize projection of it more than the reality itself. Helium balloon is a symbol of current love situation in a brand new era, the era of fiction and projection. The abyss between us and our loved ones are deeper every day, and the reason is our digital and virtual age. We face a difficult task. We need to redefine love and intensity what we put in relationships. Love today has a different purpose than it use to have. For the first time in history, we experience that love have a strange meaning and we can spread it out and insert into diverse activities. How does love manifest today? How not to loose it and also don’t hinder its development? So called Universe love have a different character. It could be ubiquitous and directed, it can be towards art, towards nature in the age of climate crisis, love to our neighbor or… crowd of neighbors.

A dance piece Anti.LOVE is inspired by a research article reflecting and comparing romantic and analytical love. I would love to point at the problematics of idealized picture of love. The responsibility for that has Hollywood, European romanticism, Russian literature of century and troubadour songs.

Choreography: Jitka Čechová
Performed by: Martin Pavlíček, Jitka Čechová

Krystyna Slobodianiuk: It’s warm in the corner

“… I just want to be free. I want to choose and to know that it makes any sense. I want to find a way out, to become stronger and, finally, to clean up this room!

What’s the difference, though? This wall is just as absurd as everything behind it. All is terrible logical. I am nothing. There is only one way…”

But does it really exist?

«It’s warm in the corner” is another attempt to ask this question. Performance, that immerse you into the tired person world. To be or not. How, if yes.

There will be no answers except of those that will appear inside of you.

Directed by: Krystyna Slobodianiuk
Actress: Ira Tytarenko