28.4. 2018 / 14:00


Oran Etkin is already  well – known  for his original music and concerts for kids even  in the Czech Repubic  . Jazz clarinettist, originaly from Izrael,  lives in New York where he  opened a musical school for kids based on his own teaching method Timbalooloo.  His method has a lot of success all around the world. Having performed for five years in the Czech Republic, he has influenced thousands of the youngest audience. Only last year Oran´s workshops were attended by more than two thousands kids.

For the first time this year you will have the opportunity to experience closer Oran´s Timbalooloo method. It is an exellent workshop for everyone who likes to work with children creatively.

Oran´s attitude to children is very intuitive and in addition  to the common teacher practices his work  offers a good alternative. Kids learn to listen to the music naturally and later they find easily their own way to the music. Thanks to this method  kids learn  the fundaments of the music theory as for example theory of rhytm as well.

Timbalooloo is inspired by the intuitive way that children learn languages at a young age and strives to nurture a generation of children who speak theinternational language of music with the same fluency as their mother tongue.

In this special Introduction to teaching Timbalooloo course, teachers will become acquainted with the fundamental principles behind Timbalooloo and learn to implement them in various ways with their students — both through the use of Timbalooloo lesson plans and also exploring ways to integrate these fundamental concepts into other teaching activities throughout the school-day. The course is geared to teachers who work with pre-school and early elementary aged children.

It is usually presented for music teachers, but it can also be adapted to general education teachers who do not specialize in music. After all, there is music in every one of us!

Oran Etkin

Workshop is a part of Mladí Ladí Jazz festival, organized by Nerudný