19.11.2022 / 18:00 - 22:00


Resilience (z lat. resilire, meaning ‘to jump back’ or ‘to recoil’) in psychology stands for the ability to stand up to unfavourable forces, deal with unfavourable situations, and overcome crises.







is a site specific project by the collective Subtopia.

Artists immerse themselves into the depths of spaces at Studio ALTA as well as the depths of their own being, and explore the theme of resilience through performance and visual arts based installations. 

Resilience in the environment that surrounds them.

Resilience in the time they live in.

Resilience in the society they’re part of.


Participating artists:

Anežka Medová, Judita Mejstříková, Simona Rybová, Matouš Ondra, Filip Horn, Natálie Vacková, Jolana Šturmová, Natálie Podešvová, Jitka Ribárová, Štěpána Nlasa Mfuta, Magdaléna Vrábová.



Subtopia, about Spaces for Change and Resilience is a Strategic Partnership project, supported by the EU Erasmus+ programme via the Belgian/Flemish National Youth in Action Agency JINT.

Subtopia focuses on how cultural and creative spaces all over Europe are change makers in society and havens for resilience. Subtopia wants to empower both staff and young people of cultural and creative spaces to be change makers in their local environment and community.

Jolana Šturmová, Štěpána Nlasa Mfuta: WOMAN



Fragile heroin.

Resilient woman.

Me and my small inner world. I’m strong. I don’t cry. Sometimes I cry, on the inside. I don’t say it. They can’t see it. I swim. I often swim. I can’t handle myself. Frequent chaos. 

Resilient female clan. 

Fragile heroin.

A solid rock that forms the body’s shell.



Matouš Ondra: Mirror

An audio-video environment to explore. How can you contribute to our environment, intervene in it, bend it, and how much could the environment sustain?

Can you see yourself? Can you see you? Is it you?

Look at the mirror if you can find it.


Simona Rybová, Jitka Ribárová: The Room

Each of us has our own inner world.

But what if we have forgotten about it?

It’s time to re-discover it.

Art group SlovaNE (Jitka Ribárová – Simona Rybová) presents an installation conceived especially for the project Subtopia, as a response to the dynamics and uncertainties of today. Information overload, noise and sounds, opinions, unsolicited advices or chronically positive pressure on our performance and personal development.

They’ve found response to our need to nurture resilience against these external pressures that unexpectedly enter our inner space and impact us. As a result, they create a space – THE ROOM – that allows a person to pause for a moment and keep a distance, re-discover inner peace and cultivate one’s inner environment. 


Jolana Šturmová, Natálie Vacková: Enter


Inside there’s silence and You.

Maybe you have a fear but also you feel calm.

You have a chance to peek into inner darkness.

You have also a chance to see a light at the end darkness.

Enveloped in darkness you can breathe, enveloped in darkness you can see who you’re.

Perhaps try to find out who you’re..

What can I see through the darkness? Through the darkness I can finally see. Too much light may sometime create large shadow obscuring the view of your sad places. Darkness provides light, darkness provides peace. 


Filip Horn: Violence – Reality


Violence is “the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, which either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment, or deprivation.


“Reality is all that is real or existent, as opposed to mere assumptions, ideas, illusions, plans, desires, possibilities, etc.”

Filip Horn: Crisis

I remember. Here I am, setting up a ritual.
A ritual from a crisis.


Anežka Medová , Magdaléna Vrábová: RAZZLE°DAZZLE

Bubble wrap

A wrap with small bubbles – translucent, soft, flexible. It isolates, wraps, packs, protects from breakage, scratching, abrasions, damage or destruction. We use it when we need to protect an object to be wrapped. Popping bubble wrap is allegedly calming.

Bubble wrap was invented in 1957 by American engineer Alfred Fielding and Swedish inventor Marc Chavannes, originally as a 3D wallpaper. 

Can it protect? Can it really save from destruction a fragile object that cannot protect itself? Or is it just a barrier, a temporary layer protecting from injury and external works. How much of it is enough? And how much of it is too much? 

A performance installation in the space of a paradox. Enveloped in this multi-side wrap, you have an opportunity to break fragile objects. Just be careful not to injure yourself. Or you can become a witness or an observer of how the weight of your own body pops the bubbles. 


Judita Mejstříková: Lighthouse

You’re sailing in darkness
Waves gently swashing
Licking your legs

Rocks on horizon
Wind blowing into your face
Waves roaring
Will you break against the shore?

Light in the distance
Alone in the middle of nothingness



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