02.09.2020 / 11:55


Music for Sirens is a unique project that sees contemporary Czech composers writing new pieces, all of which are to be played during the regular monthly testing of the emergency sirens. Many of them are composed for particular environments or situations. On the first Wednesday of every month, the world premiere of another piece is brought to you through a live broadcast by Czech Radio Vltava – not just on the airwaves but also as a live video stream on Facebook. In September, a composition Seirénes by Tomáš Reindl is to be performed in the garden of Studio ALTA.


In Greek mythology the Sirens, god’s Achelous and muse’s Terpsichore daughters, were believed to look like a combination of women and birds. Later, they were initially represented as mermaid-like fish-tailed female figures. The composition Seirénes gradually creates meditative harmonies, using the sound of a mechanical emergency siren that is further taken over by the string instruments. Electronic processing of the acoustic emergency siren sound allowed the author to work with precisely calculated interval ratios. They are based on a very specific tuning system, 7-limit just intonation, that makes use of the natural physics of sound. Noise sequences contrast with precisely tuned structures created by the processing of unintentionally recorded sounds of the wind.

Performers: Helena Velická – violoncello, Anna Kellerová – double bass, Tomáš Reindl – author / electronics