01.10.2021 / 19:30


At  a time when traveling was fashionable, rather than embracing this new sense of internationalism, we were building policies against immigrants and those who wish to enter. Now after the borders had closed, we can reflect on how open they usually are.

What does a foreigner have to overcome before obtaining a residence permit in the Czech Republic? What were they looking for when they came? How many papers have they already sent it?

Using paper as a symbol of bureaucracy, we extend the arm of a state that has lost touch in fingers.We’re balancing on the edge of real and fictional absurdity.

You can keep your ticket, but we do require a completed form. After the performance you can move around freely and discuss what you’ve experienced.

Author: Debora Štysová, Tinka Avramova & collective

Performers: Nikola Isakovic, Sai Psyn, Yu En-Ping, Marie Anna Krušinová, Klára Lidinská, Magdalena Malinová, Mariia Khositashvili
Concept and scenography: Debora Štysová

Director: Tinka Avramova
Light design: Jiří Šmirk

Production: Debora Štysová, Petra Štěpánová a Moving Theatre

Co-production: Cross Attic
Thanks: Meghana AT


Please follow hygienic rules.

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