25.5. 2018 / 20:00


This performance was created within a three-months stay of Issa Sadio Diatta, the choreographer of one of the biggest traditional Senegalese ensembles named Foret Sacre, in the Czech Republic, where he rehearsed with the ensemble Batocu led by Monika Rebcová. Issa Sadio Diatta created this project with Canadian drummer, dancer and performer Ephraim Goldin.

BATOCU was founded in 2000 and its members are from Senegal, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Canada and the Czech Republic. This company is inspired by dance and singing of the Western Africa. After the performance, the spectators can join the workshop of African dance.

Performers: Issa Sadio Diatta (Senegal), Monika Rebcová (CZ), Linda Fernandez Saez (Cuba), Ephraim Goldin (Canada), Veronika Kohútová, Zdeněk Pec (CZ), Jasmin Peguero (Dominican Republic).

Production and dramaturgy: Monika Rebcová

Choreography: Issa Sadio Diatta, Monika Rebcová, Linda Fernandéz Saez

Music: Ephraim Goldin and Issa Sadio Diatta, rhythms from the Western Africa