26.05.2023 / 19:30


Thinking of gravity as one of the crucial elements of Butoh, Furutani’s artistic background with performer Lucia Bricco, this stage work invites audiences to witness experiments on how gravity intuitively effects and binds us by interactions with several objects.

The presentation consists of several sequences to assess the capability of gravity not only as an attractive force in physics but also as “a binding force” amongst a movable body and in-animated objects, in which the movements will reveal inseparable relationship between biosphere and human being.

45 minutes / non- verbal

Born in Osaka, Japan, Michiyasu Furutani is a choreographer, dancer, and performer whose work and expression grow from Butoh technique and practice. In the process of continual research, he has developed his vocabulary of movement to encompass in improvisation and a variety of modern and classical dance techniques forming necessity, possibility, and contingency. Furutani has collaborated frequently with theatre-directors, filmmakers, architectures, painters, and musicians aiming to broaden the communications between diverse art disciplines, and has performed widely throughout the world, always investigating new modes of expression and movement. He believes that improvisation is a crucial factor in the possibility of discovering new spaces for mutual sharing and exchanging our experiences and knowledge of corporeal sense.

Lucia Bricco (Turin, 1988) is an Italian artist based in Athens (GR) since 2018. 
She studied at the Accademia Albertina in Turin (IT), in the Academia Complutense de Madrid (ES), and in the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome (IT). She got her master’s degree in 2015 with the degree thesis In Between, investigation on the vision. Study of the possibilities of living an exchange. 

Her work, mainly but not necessarily, in the form of performance and drawing, is focused on space, approached in both private and collective way. She’s interested in the fragmentation, coexistence and changeability of elements embedded in human existence.

Performance is a part of a Butoh in contemporary performance cycle organized by Venuše ve Švehlovce in collaboration with Studio ALTA.


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