27.11.2022 / 19:30
28.11.2022 / 19:30


We’re caught in a net from which there’s no way out. Those who try to break loose from the connection, drag everything with them.

AAIA / NTRCTC tells the story of losses and findings, loneliness and community, the fire at the coldest place on Earth, white darkness, paradoxes and contradictions. 

Micha Ela Dašková’s unique movement performance is based on collaboration with the sound artist Michal Kindernay, experts and scientists, and on gathering authentic sounds and images from places polluted by humans. 

Multimedia and movement play explores the boundaries of sustainability. It asks questions about human’s relationships as a viewer, creator, scientist, a new biological species, stone, and also considers the amount of resources used in the performance. What we could do without and what needs to be included. We visit places where you want to be and don’t want to be. How far we have to run away in order to return to ourselves, and where is the point of no return?


Concept, performer: Micha Ela Dašková

Concept collaboration, work with sound and image, performer: Michal Kindernay

Collaboration on choreography and direction: Cecile da Costa

Scenography and costumes: Anna Chrtková

Lighting design and technical support: Filip Horn

Visuals and graphic design: Darja Lukjanenko

Collaboration on dramaturgy: Otto Kauppinen

Production: Karin Akai


Photo Darja Lukjanenko


The performance was realised in co-production of Trikular and Studia ALTA, in partnership with TJ Sokol Smíchov I. and Komunitní prostor Smíchov.

The project is supported by: Studio ALTA, Czech State Fund of Culture, TJ Sokol, Nová síť, Czech Ministry of Culture, EEA Funds, and Co.labs


The performance is in English, with transcriptions of the texts into the Czech language. Spectators can move freely through the space. The number of tickets is limited.

* The show is standing room only.
* There are 3 white plinths for sitting in the area, take turns on them, let go of the older ones.
* In the performance in one scene we use light from a laser. Those who are sensitive to it can close their eyes for a while.
* There is a lot of darkness in the performance, those who are afraid can grab the hand of the nearest person.

Pay What You Can

In 2021 all events at Studio ALTA were free. In 2022 we are introducing a new pricing system – Pay What You Can – which will allow you to choose to pay for your ticket an amount you can afford.

Tickets for each event now feature a suggested amount, giving you access to performances at ALTA for a lower price. Great! If you can pay more, you will help others pay less. We don’t wish to judge nor stigmatise but create a space for mutual solidarity and make culture accessible.

The Pay What You Can system is inspired by similar systems used by Theater, Atelier 210 in Belgium, and Battersea Arts Centre in London.


 TICKETS 27. 11.

TICKETS 28. 11.