Living Realities is a transdisciplinary, socio-political and innovative art project bringing the contemporary living realities of people who had to leave their countries in search for a new home and a new life into focus. A traveling exhibition forms the common thread throughout the transnational venture and is expanded by participative art projects in each respective country, spanning from theatre performances, music and singing classes, photography workshops and discourse formats. It creates encounters through art and encourages dialogue about current questions of arriving and living together, aiming to change perceptions and perspectives for the participants as well as audiences.

The exhibition as well as the accompanying programmes are for free.

Organized by: ALT@RT/Studio ALTA (CZ), ArtSocialSpace Brunnenpassage (A), Dschungel Wien (A) & Impact Hub (GR). Accompanying programmes are co-organized by Inbáze, Centre for Integration of Foreigners, People in Need, Association for Integration and Migration and the Consortium of NGOs working with migrants.

Programme at Studio ALTA:

30.10. – 17.12. / Passage of a Flight (exhibition)

Exhibition opening: October 30th, 6PM

At the heart of the project is the photography exhibition Passages of a Flight, that aims to bring the stories of people that journalist Nermin Ismail and photographer Simon van Hal encountered on their flight, to a wider public. Starting with the events in Syria, coming through Greece and stopping at the boarders, different people raise their voice and let us have a glance on their fates. The photographer and the journalist accompanied these protagonists on their escape to Hungary, Slovenia, Austria and Germany as well as to Greece and Turkey. The projects aim is not only to give a face and a voice to refugees, but also to overcome prejudices in order to increase awareness in the society, who is supposed to give these people a new home. The focus is directed on their arrival, on questions of living-together and the enriching transformation our cities are facing.

30.10. 18:00 / Dance Studio Light: Dreaming + Children Lionheart – work in progress (an excerpt from the upcoming performance)

If it´s not possible in the reality, it will come true in your dreams. Is it true, that for every Lionheart, there is a world of fun and fairytales waiting?

In this dance performance, children overcome their fears and fulfil their dreams.

The music was created and is played by children themselves. Lenka Tretiagová wrote the script and Sebastián Vích is in charge of lighting design.    

9.11. / 19:00 / Women Fighting for Marginalized Groups´ Rights – 25 Years Ago and Today

A discussion with prominent Czech and foreign female dissidents and activists.

During this debate, different women from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Norway will talk about their values and fates, which led them to an active enforcing of marginalized groups´ lives – refugees, Roma people or children of war, the so-called Lebensborn. They will reveal their personal motivations for fulfilling this mission and what it is about to become a dissident or an oppressed group spokeswoman. The debate will also include a comparison of the situation 25 years ago and now. We will also talk about the differences in the position and feelings of women and men in the oppressed groups and what are women´s advantages and weak spots.

The debate is co-organized by the Association for Integration and Migration.

11.11. / 15:00 – 17:00 / Creative workshop for children: Fairy-tale Syria (literature + fine arts)

Once upon a time, there was one fairy-tale country. It was called Syria. And people used to tell fantastic stories there. For example, the one about a donkey that became a philosopher. During the first part of the workshop led by a Syrian teacher, children will listen to a Syrian fairy-tale in both Czech and Arabic languages. This part will be followed by a fine arts workshop.

This workshop is for children 5-11 years old. The capacity is limited, please register at

This workshop is co-organized by Inbáze.

14.11. / 19:00 / Czechs and foreigners – let´s talk together! (discussion)  

The horror day – a short series organized by the Centre for Integration of Foreigners, offers an amusing perspective on the everyday life prejudices. The main character of this series – Jirka, goes through unexpected situations with foreigners against his will. The series confronts Jirka´s visions of what can happen and what really happens.

This programme is co-organized by the Centre for Integration of Foreigners.

15.11. / 11:00 + 15:00 + 19:00 / Lucia Kašiarová, Peter Šavel, Tomáš Vtípil: Eau de Vie (performance)

Let´s experience the present moment. Let´s taste it. Let´s smell it. Let´s listen to it. Let´s see it. Maybe it will touch us. Eau de Vie is not a performance. Eau de Vie is a shared event. The condition for creating this event is a group, space and the will to experience something together. The moment changes according to the group and space. Two dancers and one musician research the rules of an event, which are ceaselessly changing. The only certainty are the inspirations by Frida Kahlo, Japanese geishas, samurais and haiku. Eau de Vie is a journey. A journey via the others towards ourselves and vice versa.

Concept, performed by: Lucia Kašiarová, Peter Šavel

Live music: Tomáš Vtípil

Produced by: danceWATCH / Karolína Hejnová

This project has a limited capacity – please, make a reservation in advance at

22.11. / 20:00 / Ondřej Galuška: The Odd Gifts / (concert)

The Odd Gifts is a solo music project by Ondřej Galuška.

26.11. / 10:00 – 14:00 / Open Breakfast: How do artists-migrants live and work in the Czech Republic (breakfast, workshop, discussion)

10:00 – 12:00 Open Breakfast

11:00 – 12:00 Komenský Was a Migrant, or We All Stand on One Stage of Our Big World (in cooperation with the Poetry Day Festival)

Original poems reflecting the current social situation will be read by poets Bernadeta Babáková, Marie Feryna, Aleš Kauer and Karel Škrabal. Music by Cemaque (Jakub Čermák).

12:00 – 13:00 Visual arts workshop focused on the topic of refugees; anybody can join, regardless his or her age or talent

13:00 – 14:00 Discussion about artists-migrants, who found their homes in the Czech Republic. Our guests will share their life stories with you and they will present, how art helps them to integrate and how they convey their cultural heritage into their works.

This programme is co-organized by Inbáze and the HateFree Culture initiative.

6.12. / 19:00 / A Trip of a Comic to the Central Europe (stand-up comedy + discussion)

They make their living by making jokes, even though their life stories are not always funny. How was their journey to the Czech Republic? Why did they decide to stay? Did they encounter any cultural shocks? And how do they like it here? These and more will be the topics of Tigran Hovakimyan and co. in their Imigrant show.

This event is co-organized by the People in Need.

16.12. / 17:00 / International Migrants Day 2017: Understanding Goes through Stomach! (screening, concert, culinary sampling, party)

At the occasion of the International Migrants Day, the Consortium of NGOs working with migrants organizes an evening full of music, films and exotic foods. You can meet people, who moved to the Czech Republic from different countries, taste their favourite meals and learn about how they got here, how do they live here and what do they like to cook. We will screen documentaries about migration and discuss about them. At the end of the evening, a band and a DJ will play.

17.12. / 17:00 + 19:00 / Dance Studio Light: Brothers / PREMIERE

This theatre journey will be long, but everybody has to overcome their fears and discover the world of fun and fairytales.

This project is dedicated to brave children and their parents and it is created by:

screenplay and directed by Lenka Tretiagová, choreography: Dora Hoštová, live music: Ondřej Galuška, set design, puppets, costumes, live animation: Tereza Tretiagová, performed by David Králík, Martin Lerch, Jan Čtvrník, Dora Sulženko Hoštová / Eva Stará, produced by Aneta Novotná, professional cooperation: Tomáš Žižka and Sebastián Vích.

Main partners: