A temporary university to practice the future

It’s All About Education… Again is the second iteration of a temporary university of post-artistic practices at Studio ALTA in Prague. The event will build on the first episode that took place in June 2021 and that brought together over 25 practitioners with participants in an intense weekend of practicing for the futures we want.

This time over the course of three weeks, we will meet, again, in an attempt to mobilize and unveil some of the potential of collaboratively created knowledge. Again, we will be asking ourselves: If education is supposed to prepare us for life, what kind of world do we want to be preparing for? Again, local and international artists, creative practitioners, and thinkers will be facilitating workshops, lectures, self-defense classes, dances, seminars, dinners, interspecies discussions, autonomous economies, gift givings, concerts, sleep, brainstorming and dreamstorming, readings, etc. Every other day of the workweek and throughout the weekend, visitors will be able to participate in these sessions for free.

The programming of each of the three weeks will be focused around one keyword related to building new worlds: Health, Hegemony, and Hell. With them, we will move from seeing our individual health as connected and interdependent, to plotting how to fight the systems that oppress us and inhabiting our current hellscape in ways that turn it into a life generating world.

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The event is free of charge.

• The garden and ground floor are accessible without steps. There are barrier-free bathrooms on the property. Upon previous notification, we can offer guidance and assistance from volunteers, who can lead people to rooms (or carry a wheelchair up the stairs to the second floor). There will be Studio Alata production on site that has a basic volunteer training and will be there to assist. For people using electric wheelchair, only the ground floor and the garden are accessible. With advanced notice, we’ll be happy relocate classes to rooms that will be easily accessible for you.For visually impaired and those with a guide dog, we can, again, provide volunteer assistance.There will be one designated low-stimulus room and the event will include a kids corner with available supervision

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