06.06.2023 / 20:00 - 22:00


Kassandra Wedel & Rosalie Wanka: Visual Vibrations [Mnichov]

Site-specific Duo – 20min
#signlanguage #hiphop #poetry #techno #insitu #outdoor

This performance is conceived as a gestual poem, referring to recurrent current topics (i.e. corona virus, fake news, conspiracy theories…), a shamanic ritual, a digestion in movement of words we get bombarded with, every day, in the media.
Rosalie Wanka (deafless) and Kassandra Wedel (deaf) use a mix of hip hop, poetry slam and german sign language in their performance, underscored by the beat of the group Uncertain Proportions

VISUAL VIBRATIONS has been selected for the Festival RODEO meets FREISCHWIMMER in October 2022. The jury said:
‘Poetic gestures are currently more requested than ever. Kassandra Wedel and Rosalie Wanka are responding to the media overload with a performative poem: Visual Vibrations. In view of the multitude of buzzwords we daily get bombarded with, the two artists offer an inspiring and beautiful answer, in which sign language and contemporary dance merge in a virtuosic way. […] Kassandra Wedel and Rosalie Wanka develop a language adapted to the sign multiplication of our time: poetic, humorous and uplifting’


Idea/Concept: Rosalie Wanka

Realisation/Choreography/Performance: Kassandra Wedel & Rosalie Wanka

Music: Uncertain Proportions

Photography: Paola Evelina


Conception – Artistic direction – Choreography – Performance
In her artistic practice, she addresses themes such as interculturality, the female condition/feminism and intra-human communication in interdisciplinary approaches.

Co-Creator – Choreography – Sign Language – Performance
Dancer, Choreographer, Actress, performer. Deaf. She uses various forms of artistic expression such as drama, performance, hip hop, Vogue and contemporary dance, sign language, sign poetry and her own voice.



Martin Talaga’s solo performance produced by PLAYboyz explores a current theme inspired by an ancient Brazilian legend. The Headless Mule (mula-sem-cabeça in Portuguese) is a mythical character in Brazilian folklore that represents a ghost of a woman cursed by God for her sins. The legend has it that a woman who seduces a priest will turn every Thursday midnight into a mule (a hybrid between a donkey and a horse) with flames of fire in lieu of her head. She will kill everything in her way. In Brazilian countryside the belief in this legend is so strong that some people don’t leave their house on Thursday night. Over the course of time the myth’s interpretation has evolved and today it stands for sins such as adultery, necrophagy, and sacrilege.

Nowadays we could see it as slut-shaming. Slut-shaming refers to a targeted and condemnatory denigration and denouncement of people, mostly women and girls, for any expression of their sexuality, be it in their behaviour, opinion, or attire. Slut-shaming is also often used in relationship to gay minority.


Choreography, interpretation: Martin Talaga

Dramaturgy: Tomáš Procházka

Music: Tanita Yankova

Production: Adriana Spišáková

Lights: Karlos Šimek


Martin Talaga is a dancer, choreographer and performer in the field of contemporary dance and physical theater, but he is also interested in experimental and visual works and folk dances. During his studies and professional career, he had the opportunity to collaborate with various choreographers, theater directors and ensembles. As a choreographer, he is the author of several successful productions – SYNovial (in collaboration with Marek Zelinka), BOI (in collaboration with Matěj Matějka), FAUNUS, Total Eclipse of the Heart, SARX and SOMA – for which he won the Discovery of the Year and Dance Productions of the Year awards at the festival Czech Dance Platform 2018. He is also the founder of the Pinkbus platform, for which he received the Production Achievement of the Year award of the festival next wave 2021 and also a nomination at the DNA Awards 2022 for extraordinary contribution, development and achievement in the field of new theater.

Tomáš Procházka graduated in theater directing and dramaturgy at the Academy of Performing Arts in the year Ľubomír Vajdička and Ján Štrbák. In December 2015, his author’s performance KAFKA.DREAMING (DOSka 2016 nomination in the Discovery of the Season category), which he created in collaboration with Petr Tilajčík, had its successful premiere. Its premiere on the Bratislava stage was on the stage of the Aréna Theater and the author’s adaptation of Bergman’s Persona in the Aréna Theater with Petra Vajdová in the lead role. At the Aréna Theater, his work continued successfully with the premiere of a drama production of opera libretto by Puccini Tosca (May 2018). He made his SND debut in the 2017/18 season with the author’s performance ARTAUDIA.AUTOPSY. Among his most significant achievements is the developed dramaturgical trilogy Lost Generation. His debut on the Czech theater stage was the production of Ibsen’s drama Heda Gablerová, for the Horácké divadlo in Jihlava, in the 2020/21 season.

photo Anežka Medová

The event is organized by the Bavarian-Czech Platform and is part of the AND CR & EAIPA 2023 International Conference.

The Visual Vibration performance takes place with the financial support of the Czech-German Future Fund.

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