16.07.2024 / 17:30 a 19:30
17.07.2024 / 17:30 a 19:30


a site-specific project on memory of space

You sit on a chair that is surprisingly warm. Someone has just gotten up from it. You feel the warmth of a body that has already left and there remains nothing but a mystery until you start looking for it.

Our physical environment holds memories of those who shaped it with their lives. How have we been influenced by the people who created spaces we inhabit, and how do we shape others by what we leave behind?

Traces of Human Presence is a meditative encounter. We invite visitors to join us in revealing fragments of the past and the present – a story of the memory of a space. Journey with us to a place once abandoned. Its walls still stand. Touch them. Hear them breathe. Let yourself be swept away.


Concept, direction, set design: Debora St.

Cast: Marie Anna Václavek Krušinová, Mara Ingea, Debora Štysová

Textual dramaturgy: Magdalena Malinová 

Spatial dramaturgy: Mara Ingea

Music: Huyen Vi Tran

Cello: Kristýna Větévka

Production: Debora Štysová, Trikular z.s. and Studio Alta

Producing collaboration: Helena Jonášová, Magdalena Malinová and Ondřej Sosna

Costume and visual design: Darja Lukjanenko


Traces of Human Presence is a performance, an installation, an intimate encounter and in the end also a concert. They offer an opportunity to discover the spaces of the Big Mill, its library and the mysterious cellars of the former Libeň brewery. The audience will walk around the building and discover the corners of the prepared installation. In the first part we ask you to use your smartphone, so please have it with you. 

The meeting point is in front of the Big Mill building.

Duration: 80 min

The project was supported by the State Culture Fund of the Czech Republic, Prague 8 Municipality, Studio Alta, REZI.DANCE Komařice and Moving Station in Pilsen

photo: Darja Lukjanenko