21.5. 2019 / 19:50


Viktor Černický, Tomáš Janypka and Jazmína Piktorová are returning to their authorial performance Effortless Land, which focuses on basic human needs, such as the search for life security or the constant desire for human contact. The performance is based on the search for relationships between the individual and the collective that takes place in the experience and memory of the human body. Effortless Land is the physical reflection of three figures that tear desperately into the rhythmic search for boundaries between being and non-being.

The trio of dancers and performers chose a performance format in which – in dialogue with invited guests – they constantly return to the common search for a new form of performance. This format is part of the cycle of meetings when – based on original material – new unrepeatable performance is always created over three days in close collaboration with invited guests. The first meeting took place in Studio 12 (Bratislava) with director Martin Hodoň, the second took place at Stanica Žilina – Zariečie with choreographer Jaro Viňarsky. The third was at Zahrada-CNK (Banská Bystrica) with choreographer and dancer Lucia Kašiarová and the whole process will culminate in Prague’s Studio ALTA in dialogue with choreographer and dancer Peter Šavel.

Effortless Land offers the opportunity to address issues that go back to the person after a certain amount of time. The rebuilt and publicly presented shape reflects the way in which the creators themselves open up these issues today, as well as the opportunity to open them to invited guests and audiences.

“The human race as a collective can last indefinitely. Death is individual, and consciousness of that helps in understanding the world. Denial of death is a denial of what is individual. ”Alejandro Jodorowsky

Choreography a performance: Viktor Černický, Jazmína Piktorová, Tomáš Janypka
In collaboration with: Martin Hodoň, Jaro Viňarský, Lucia Kašiarová, Peter Šavel
Music: Jan Čtvrtník
Light design : Jonáš Garaj
Premiere: April 1st, 2017, Štúdio12, Bratislava

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Lehká zem / Effortless Land was presented at Štúdio12 as part of the Mliečné Zuby/Milk Teeth Platform. Production was financially supported by Nadácia Tatra Banka, Bratislavský samosprávny kraj a Štúdio12. The production was supported: Stanica Žilina – Zariečie (SK), CNK Banská Bystrica (SK), Studio ALTA (CZ), CIRQUEON – Centrum pro nový cirkus (CZ), Divadlo na Orlí (CZ), Elementary art school of Eugen Suchoň in Pezinok (SK), The City Library Bratislava (SK), Divadlo Alfréd ve dvoře (CZ).

Foto: Eva Racová