02.07.2020 / 19:30
03.07.2020 / 19:30


The first joint creation of the newly formed author duo Felix Baumann (DE) and Sean Henderson (US/CH) combines dance, physical and visual theater. The performance is inspired by The Way Things Go (1987), an art film by the Swiss artist duo Peter Fischli and David Weiss, which documents a long causal chain assembled of everyday objects. “How things go” is a movement based research of objects and materials, their physicality and function, their momentum, and the influence they have on the human body in motion. 

In “How things go” two guys try to build something which is remarkable for their life. On the way their encounter with the objects causes a chain of reactions, where failure is incarnated, in the architecture of their plan. But without giving up and sustaining their sense of humor they keep rolling, stubborn like a stone falling into the water.

“We would like to thank, among others, the following for the inspiration: the inventors of games like “Domino, Mikado & Jenga”, the makers of the comic characters and series like “Pat A Mat”, as well as the long traditions of silent movies and their founders like “Chaplin, Keaton & others”. “ 


Concept, direction, choreography: Felix Baumann (DE), Sean Henderson (US/CH)

Interpretation: Felix Baumann (DE), Sean Henderson (US/CH)

Outside-Eye: Marie Gourdain (FR)

Stage and visual design: Felix Baumann (DE), Sean Henderson (US/CH) 

Music design: Jakub Štourač (CZ)

Light design: Jiří Šmirk (CZ)

Production: Felix Baumann (DE), Nikola Krizkova (CZ)

Co-production: Švestkový Dvůr / Plum Yard (CZ)

“Many thanks to these institutions for providing residential spaces and support: Švestkový Dvůr / Plum Yard (CZ) and Studio ALTA (CZ). “

The project was financially supported by: Švestkový Dvůr / Plum Yard – Ministry of Culture of the Czech  Republic, State Fund for the Culture of the Czech Republic and South Bohemia region