13.03.2022 / 19:30


Even though ALTA seems to be hibernating, the dance is already blooming inside.
An introductory performance by artists who will then have an artist residency at ALTA for the upcoming two weeks. The artist residency outcome will take place on Wednesday, March 23, and you can also take part in their morning warm-ups for the public.

NO ON is an organic creative process. It is a performative concert, dance without choreography, music without a score. It exists in the dedicated space and time, selflessly offering a spectrum of images, tones, movements, light steps, emotions and inspirations.

Present in the space are YOU, together with objects of different shapes and with various functions. And Barbora and Juraj, who are the energetic conductors connecting everything.

The spectators are arriving, choosing a spot, sitting down and objects begin to resonate with their movements and feelings. All in the space is washed over by music and movement. Though this fluidity can perhaps not be perceived with a naked eye, it can surely be exploding within us. The role of the energetic conductors is to let all these vibrations pass through them, resonating. If they feel a potential in the established resonance, they navigate or transform, dive deep into their own fantasy and through this create a tangible matter in the space. This matter that is in reality born from the togetherness in the room.

Czech premiere of NO ON in a unique performance with invited vocal guests Lucia Kašiarová and Peter Šavel. Barbora invited her guests as a symbolic token of gratitude for her artistic mentorship. At the same time, the performance marks the launch of the first artist residency mimoOs at Studio Alta of the newly commissioned work TETSU.

The performative concert will be followed by an informal discussion with the creators and residents of TETSU

Performance: Barbora Janáková, Juraj Čech
Concept: Barbora Janáková
Dramaturgy: Katarína Cvečková
Visual: Laura Štorcelová
Artistic mentoring: Peter Šavel
Music Mentoring: Marián Zavarský

Recommended age: 15+

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

Partners of the project are: Bratislavský samosprávny kraj, mimoOs o.z. 

Residence: Stanica Žilina Záriečie.


Pay What You Can

In 2021 all events at Studio ALTA were free. In 2022 we are introducing a new pricing system – Pay What You Can – which will allow you to choose to pay for your ticket an amount you can afford.

Tickets for each event now feature a suggested amount, giving you access to performances at ALTA for a lower price. Great! If you can pay more, you will help others pay less. We don’t wish to judge nor stigmatise but create a space for mutual solidarity and make culture accessible.

The Pay What You Can system is inspired by similar systems used by  Theater, Atelier 210 in Belgium, and Battersea Arts Centre in London.


Please follow hygienic rules.