04.06.2023 / 10:00-13:00


In Laughter Somatics choreographer and performer of “The Laughing Game” – Antoinette Helbing [Copenhagen] – shares her laughter practice in a workshop format.
Here the participants are invited to extend their perception of what laughter is or could be – by diving into a bodily journey through a set of physical practices. Laughter is a form of pre-lingual communication and therefore deeply rooted in the human being – regardless of cultural or social background. We form and re-form our individual laughter constantly throughout our lives – and we basically accumulate a collection of laughter choreographies over time – without necessarily being aware of that. Our little self-portrait of laughter.

Over the past 5 years Antoinette has continuously researched laughter as a connective physical practice. As part of this practice, laughter gets triggered for “no reason” – to fully put the action “laughing” in the center of all attention and leaving the social and psychological aspects of laughter aside. In this practice she guides the participants into a state of pure and genuine laughter. The exercises and methods she uses to trigger laughter, take point of departure in the Feldenkrais method as well as in laughter yoga.

To get physically and mentally prepared, Antoinette will teach a simple physical training and a set of breathing exercises. After the laughter practice we Antoinette will guide through restorative practices that address both body and voice.

The workshop is in English.