17.11. 2018 / 21:00 - 1:00


21:00 / Tour through our premises – exceptionally with our technical director, safety manager and production manager

Experience ALTA differently – with our technical team. Three chaps and one hour full of theatre technologies.

22:00 / Cinema in the Living Room: Daisies (Věra Chytilová, Czechoslovakia, 1966)

One of the most celebrated films of the 1960s Czechoslovak New Wave, Daisies is director Věra Chytilová’s second feature film. Made when Chytilová was 37-years-old, this timeless, vibrant classic continues to inspire new generations of viewers. A provocative film, it tells the story of two young women who decide to mirror the decadent, hedonistic world in which they live. Removed from the political reality of the time in which it was made, Daisies are nonetheless a quintessential representation of the mid-sixties aesthetic. Marie I and Marie II have no qualms with traditional morality and social norms, carelessly bamboozling the men attracted to their carefree exuberance – mostly older men. The avariciousness of these models sees them exploiting the wallets of their spellbound male suitors, and just trying to enjoy any kind of fun that comes their way.

In Czech with English subtitles.

23:30 / Eau de Vie

Eau de Vie is a concert „in the now“. A dance, where what you hear is more important than what you see. A sound ritual. But the sound is just a medium, not the aim. The present, vigilance! Spend some time with us. We won´t beat around the bush – it is a pure risk investment.

In 2017-2018, the performers researched methods enabling interconnections of motion, music, performance art, light and sound design. They followed their personal experiences from the field of devised theatre and improvisation, but also their newly gained and constantly researched knowledge about ritualized behavior, freedom of choice and various forms of the present moment. After several dozens of performances that were (more or less) based on dance, the artists decided for a radical change: they want to approach Eau de Vie as a concert, a sound performance, but still pursuing principles that they have discovered earlier.

Performed by: Tomáš Vtípil, Lucia Kašiarová, Peter Šavel

During the daytime, spectators at ALTA can visit the KUK festival that is for kids from 10 months  to 3 years old (you need to buy ticket for events within KUK festival).