V. Hybnerová, L. Kašiarová: ANGEL-ky

Heavenly yet clownish performances adapted for children. Nobody is as lonely as the angels, the guardians who stand at heaven´s door. They wait patiently, but nobody comes. Silence. Time passes. They are useless. They must entertain themselves.


L. Tretiagová and Dance Studio Light: Brothers

This theatre journey will be long, but everybody has to overcome their fears and discover the world of fun and fairytales. This project is dedicated to brave children and their parents!

L. Tretiagová, Dance Studio Light and Children´s Studio Altík: The Fairy-tale Drop By Drop

This interactive dance and drama performance is based on the fairy-tale by Karel Šiktanc and is suitable for children 4+.During this playful search for a lost doll, children will become partners of the professional artists. They will experience the Good and the Bad, disappointment and mistakes, and also the joy of a happy-end.

L. Tretiagová and Dance Studio Light: Jola

Original documentary performance inspired by the unusual fate of a young Tibetan boy, Odzera.


L. Tretiagová and Dance Studio Light: The Very Little Witch

The story of a little witch, inspired by a fairy-tale book by Otfried Preussler. It tells the story of a little girl who defies the authority of the older witches and stands against their unjust verdict. It is an interactive performance where the children must help the little witch with her magic and good deeds.

Hodně malá čarodějnice

L. Tretiagová and Dance Studio Light: Charlie or The Theatrical Experience Trainer

American director and artist Tim Burton, creator of the 2005 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, has provided Dance Studio Light with inspiration. The play will guide you through a theatrical paradise of wishes and dreams where you will become the co-creators of the eventual piece.


L. Tretiagová and Dance Studio Light: Krabat

The story of a boy named Krabat performed in a unique way to show growing up as a real and serious problem. It tells the story of a teenager fascinated by the dark forces. It is a story of young people who are under a spell in a tangled web of power. There is only one way out –strong will, true friendship and the miracle of love.


L. Tretiagová a TS Light: Sounds of Earth

Do our grandmothers have magic power? Do they have the power to affect our destiny? Can our grandmothers cause some reconciliation or solution with their invisible force? Why do adults even believe in fairy tales? And are they really just fairy tales?


L. Tretiagová and Dance Studio Light: Traveling in the branches

What happens with a friendship when the friends have to split up and go to the two ends of the world? Will it endure or will it be divided? Come along with dancers and actors into the imaginary world of a spreading tree and become a small child for a moment, to whom the tree means the world.