22.-24.1. 2016

1.-3.4. 2016

3.-5.6. 2016

23.-25.9. 2016

11.-13.11 2016

Daily schedules:

Friday 5PM – 8PM

Saturday 10AM – 6PM (90 min lunch break)

Sunday 9:30 AM – 3PM (90 min lunch break)

Let´s learn to understand the medical aspects of our bodies with Zuna – an active dancer, and a pedagogue and practitioner of shiatsu, Chinese medicine, and qigongu! For every season (of which Chinese medicine distinguishes five) we will focus on the human body’s needs in that particular season. We will base our work on the theory of five elements (one of the main theories of the Chinese medicine) and work with movements, contemporary dance, improvisation, and qigong.


7.000 czk / the whole course (70 hours)

2.400 czk / one weekend (14 hours)

Students: 6.000 czk / 1.800 czk

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