27.-31.1. 2020 / 18:00 – 21:30


We will treat the physical and conceptual body as an ever-changing matter that requires conscious decision making and guides us towards refining our performance without getting lost in the realm of possibilities.

In these sessions, participants will acquire tools to reconnect with a deep awareness of feeling and perception. We will work towards rebuilding the connections between bodies and bringing them back to their perceptive function. Throughout the sessions we will focus on the following principles: letting go of presumptions and judgment; playing with the self-image; and exposing the sensorial and emotional systems in order to allow movement to be channeled through body and space. We shall engage with these themes in a variety of physical tasks and images, as well as through discussion and reflection.

As a part of the workshop, there will be a short public presentation on January 31st (for those who want to show).

Photo: Pavlo Kochan, Leonhard Pill, Dieter Hartwig, Franzi Kreis.